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The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Sunday، 15 May 2016 - 12:00 AM

Civilization museums differ from archeological museums in their nature and objectives.

Archeological museums are assigned to a certain period of time without being related to a previous or succeeding periods to it. The objective in such museums is mainly to present and highlight the artistic value of the displayed artifacts.

This is evident in the Egyptian Museum, the Greco-Roman Museum, the Coptic Museum and the Islamic Museum.

As for the civilization museum, we find its main features are manifold. It displays achievements of the ancient Egyptian civilization in the various fields of life: knowledge, creativity, systems and technologies.

It is a display of the Egyptian genius in the face of life movement in a successive and related pattern since the dawn of history and till the present time.

In this civilization museum, the most ancient of the world civilization and of most contributions to the civilizational heritage of mankind, antiquity objects are displayed in a special historical order of various ages, and features of their achievements.

Throughout all subsequent stages of the displays, the fact that Egypt was always a pioneer in upholding moral values, philosophical ideas and artistic as well as civil achievements is maintained and confirmed.

This is manifest for instance in the agricultural systems, irrigation,dams building, the state, the army, beliefs, architecture,music,woman,mumification,medicine,everyday life..etc.

Tools and technologies of this display in this sort of museum vary between illustrative and simplified drawings,Panorama(diorama)),audio-visual displays,material and imaginary maquettes and the use of modern technologies of computers..etc

The objectives of setting up this museum:
1. Featuring the nature of greatness of the Egyptian civilization achievements throughout history and displaying them in their proper,natural and historical frames.
2. Presenting and displaying this civilization to both the Egyptian citizen and foreign visitors.
3. Raising awareness of the Egyptian citizen (particularly children and youth) to their civilizational origins that take roots in the depth of time, and its major contributions in the march of mankind civilization since the dawn of history, by reminding him that his grandfathers were its co-founders, and he has to be, once more, an important participant in the making of the civilization of today and tomorrow.
4.Supporting and consolidating the activities of the other museums(and they are all specialized archaeological museums)such as: the Egyptian Museum ,the Geco-Roman Museum, the Coptic Museum, the Islamic Museum; in addition to the other cultural institutions of the state.

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