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Soad Hosny

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Soad Hosny was born in Ataba, Cairo, Egypt (26 Jan 1942 - June 22, 2001) was an Egyptian actress with a Syrian family background. She was the 10th sister from 17 brothers and sisters.

Soad was known as the Cinderella of Egyptian cinema and one of the most influential people in the Arabic art world. After climbing to stardom towards the end of 1950s, she performed in more than 83 films between 1959 and 1991, but most of which were shot in the 60s and 70s.

Soad started her career through singing Okht El Quamar (Sister of the Moon) in the famous radio children program Baba Sharo. A family friend, Abd El-Rahman El-Khamissy -a writer / director- discovered her acting talent and asked Ibrahim Saafan, an Arabic language teacher at this time -who later became a comedy actor- to give her oral performance lessons. Abd El-Rahman was screening for the film ‘Hassan We Na’ima’, and wanted to present Soad as his new discovery in the role of Na’ima. The film was produced and directed by Henry Barakat.

Some of her films:
* Al-Ra’i wal Nisaa (The Shepherd and the Women) [Film, 1991]
* Howa wa Heya (Him and Her) [TV series] with Ahmed Zaki
* Ghurabaa (Strangers) [Film, 1973]
* Khalli Balak min Zouzou (Watch out for Zouzou) [Film, 1972]
* Laylat Al-Zifaf (Wedding Night) [Film, 1966]
* Gharamiyat Imraa (A Woman’s Affairs) [Film, 1960]
* Hassan wa Na’ima (Hassan We Na’ima) [Film, 1959]

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