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Foreign media coverage of voting second day confirms continued absence of irregularities and violations

Wednesday، 28 March 2018 - 12:07 PM

680 foreign correspondents (540 accredited & resident - 140 visiting) continued their coverage of the second day of the Egyptian presidential elections without any mention of problems or hurdles impeding their tours of the polling stations or communicating with voters and officials. The coverage in its entirety was positive through featuring different media materials illustrating ceremonial aspects in various constituencies in the majority of Egyptian cities.   

Since the beginning of the voting process yesterday, the State Information Service has been keen on following up what has been published by foreign media outlets which reported no obstacle that impeded their correspondents from undertaking their mission freely, a situation which continued during the second day.

According to what has been monitored by the State Information Service in the second day of the voting process, this approach was confirmed. The coverage in its entirety underscored that there was no change in the conduct of the electoral process, as illustrated in the different media materials aired and published.

However, some foreign media outlets chose once again to go back to what it published in the first day of the voting that the turnout will be the barometer of the success of the process, offering overall analysis of the current political landscape and future outlook as well. 


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