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President Sisi's Speech in Arab Summit held in Saudi Arabia

Tuesday، 17 April 2018 - 12:40 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and the Most


His Majesty Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King of the

sisterly state of Saudi Arabia King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al

Saud ,

Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the

League of Arab States ,

Ladies and Gentlemen ,

I would like first to express my happiness for being with you today, and my sincere thanks and appreciation to my brother His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, King of the sisterly state of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, for his tireless efforts during his presidency of the previous session of the Arab summit. I am confident that the wisdom of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud will give a great impetus to the mechanisms of the joint Arab action. I would like to stress that Egypt will spare no effort to support the summit’s presidency and sisterly countries, as well as the efforts of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States to achieve the Arab interests .

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses ,

Our meeting today takes place whereas the national Arab security faces unprecedented challenge. There are Arab countries that, for the first time since their establishment, face a real existential threat and systematic attempts to overthrow the national state institution in favor of sectarian entities and terrorist organizations, whose political project represents a complete cultural backtrack from all the achievements of the Arab states since the stage of national liberation and a complete antagonism to all common human values preached by all religions and divine messages .

There are regional states that violate neighboring rights, and work hard to establish areas of influence within the Arab countries, at the expense of the national institutions of the state. We are meeting today, and the army of one of the regional countries is present on the lands of two Arab countries, in a clear occupation of the territory of two sisterly Arab countries. There are meetings held to reach settlement and end the fierce civil war, which has claimed lives of more than half a million Syrians, without the participation of any Arab party, as if the destiny of the Syrian people and their future have became captive of a game of nations and the balances of regional and international powers .

At the same time, there is another regional party, tempted by the instability in the region in recent years, has built up areas of influence by exploiting local supportive forces within more than one Arab country. Unfortunately, frankly speaking, I must say that there are brothers who have been involved in conspiring with these regional parties, supporting and financing sectarian and terrorist organizations .

There are also the bleeding Palestinian wound and the martyrs of Palestine, who fall everyday.  It is considered the central Arab issue that is about to be lost between the international resolutions that are not enforced, and the struggle of the brothers concerned with this issue. This struggle drains their strength and meager resources, opens the door to those who want to impose occupation and division as a fait accompli and seek to put an end to the hope of the Palestinian people for freedom and the independent state.

Therefore, I do not exaggerate, if I say that our countries and region face the most serious crisis since their independence and the end of the era of national liberation. We all have a major responsibility to stop this deterioration in the Arab situation, restore the minimum coordination required to save the Arab situation and stand firm against one of the most serious attacks faced by the national state in the region since its establishment.

Today, we are in dire need of a comprehensive strategy for the national Arab security in order to address the existential threats, facing the national states in the Arab region, and re-establishing relations with the neighboring countries based on clear-cut foundations that are represented in respecting the independence, sovereignty and Arabism of the Arab states and totally refraining from intervening in the internal affairs of the Arab states. Egypt had previously proposed several initiatives for building an effective and comprehensive strategy for the national Arab security and providing the components of an effective defense against any aggression or any intervention attempts in the Arab States. I am all confidence that we can reach this comprehensive strategy if there is a collective political will and a true determination for cooperation in order to regain the initiative in a manner that would lead to stopping the repeated violation of the sovereignty and independence of our dear Arab nation.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

We should start with Palestine… what the Palestinians had offered and are still offering of sacrifices throughout decades puts the whole human conscience at stake. The Palestinian strive is not only an issue of the Arabs alone, but rather an issue of the Right against the power.

The draft resolution drawn by many countries including Egypt and voted by the UN General Assembly last December with a majority of 128 countries, proves anew the solid and undeniable rights of the Arabs in Jerusalem; a constant and inherent right that is not subject to distortion or confiscation. The Arabs are still committed to peace as a sole strategic choice and the Arab Peace Initiative is the best framework for ending the occupation and overcoming decades of conflict that destroyed everything on its way… thus starting a phase of construction that our peoples should reap.

The whole international community shoulders a clear-cut responsibility against the policies of entrenching occupation, creating new facts on  ground, attempting to confiscate the Palestinian rights in the occupied lands; in the heart of which is East Jerusalem, and, even more, depriving the Palestinians from the minimum rights and services through the crisis facing the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)due to lack of the necessary funds for providing the minimum survival elements to five million Palestinian refugees … a matter which severely and unfairly affects a large segment of the Palestinian people.

Self-criticism should also be one of our responsibilities, as the Palestinian right would have not been subjected to the fiercest attack, had it not been for the state of the Palestinian division, which enters its second decade.  I frankly say that the Palestinian division should not be allowed to be used as a pretext for keeping the occupation. Egypt is diligently working with the Palestinian brothers to turn over this sad page of their history. Time is ripe to heal this unjustified rift, and disregard the considerations of the partisan competition in favor of upholding the homeland’s stance and restoring the unity of the Palestinian rank; an essential condition for entering the battle of negotiation, peace and restoring the right.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses;

Wherever we are looking around in the region, from Iraq to Yemen and from Syria to Libya, we find the same danger, which faces all our Arab countries, that is the danger of the terrorist groups and the sectarian entities.  They abuse our religion and the cultural diversity in our region to confiscate the broad horizons of cooperation, tolerance and cultural enrichment for their sick imagination, which antagonizes the human civilization, and views the image among the people is restricted only in a bloody conflict and a match he wins.

I am fully confident that all of you are following the major efforts that the Egyptian Armed Forces and Police have exerted in a life and honorable battle: " Sinai… 2018 " , whose success is scored day by day to defeat the evil forces and terrorists, which doesn’t threaten Egypt and its people only, but also all the region and human civilization.

Our battle is a main part of an overall war. We should unite together against all terrorist groups everywhere. Such overall war should cover all the terrorist action chains; as regards its organization, armament, political support and ideological and media coverage.

Those who carry weapon is the last one of the criminal chain including whoever finances him and provide weapons, provides him a safe shelter, media forum or intellectual excuse or who uses him as a cat claws in order to establish an area of influence and interference in the internal affairs of our Arab countries.

There is no reason to exclude any chain of this criminal chain. All of them, without exception, are partners in terrorism, and they have shouldered the responsibility for these terrified crimes committed by such terrorist groups.

I have expressed my satisfaction for the proposed resolution by our Arab Summit to develop the comprehensive Arab system for combating terrorism.

I still hope that, those who insist to support the wrong part of the history, will return back to the right side and stop completely supporting terrorism in a way that contradicts the Islamic instructions, Arabism, fraternity links and even the human and civilization values.

Your Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

Egypt expresses its deep concern about the recent military escalation in Syria; for its effect on the safety of the Syrian people, and the threat on what have been reached of understandings about specifying areas of de-escalation. Egypt, in this respect, assures its firm rejection of using any internationally - prohibited weapons on the Syrian territories. Moreover, Egypt requires a transparent international investigation in this issue according to the international mechanisms and references.

The time had come for a serious move to put an end to the Syrian bloodshed that claimed the lives of more than half a million Syrians, in addition to millions rendered displaced and refugees inside their country or in the Arab and neighboring countries.

Here, it is not sufficient to highlight and repeat our commitment to the political solution references, and the related Security Council resolutions. Yet, we must send a clear unambiguous message that Syria is an Arab territory, and it is not allowed to decide its future or treat its problems except in accordance with the will of the Syrian people.

The Arab countries’ efforts, particularly the Saudi-Egyptian cooperation, have led the most important role in unifying all Syrian opposition groups. We expect the UN to move expeditiously, and in accordance with the Arab countries, towards starting the mission of the Syrian constitution drafting committee, as a prelude to resume the negotiation rounds. Furthermore, it will be unacceptable to form this commission, or resume negotiations due to non-Arab calculations and balances, yet the Syrians themselves and the Arabs must be key partners in peace efforts in Syria, for being the genuine stakeholders in preserving Syria’s unity and integrity. 

The same can be said about the brotherly Libya and Yemen. Preserving the unity, integrity and the Arab identity of these countries, and blocking attempts of the terrorist organizations and their regional and international sponsors to tear these countries apart, is a responsibility that lies over all of us. Moreover, we will not allow these countries to stay as a stage for international and regional conflicts that tear their peoples and destroy their resources.

Egypt continues in supporting all efforts to preserve the unity of Libya, and restore its government institutions. As all of you may follow Egypt’s ceaseless efforts to unify the military institution in Libya, and create a security guarantee upon which restoration of the national state will be based on and to uproot terrorism. Furthermore, Egypt is committed to restore stability and reach a just political solution in Yemen that will not be established except by respecting the unity and sovereignty of the Yemeni State, refusing the concept of overriding, and the attempt of a political group to impose its expansionist ambitions on the whole Yemeni people by force and by their regional and foreign power. There will be no future in Yemen except by the political solution and it must be absolutely Yemeni- made, where there will be no room for regional ambitions or for imposing power among sons of one nation. Egypt will not accept that the Yemeni elements striking Saudi Arabian lands by ballistic missiles as it is considered a threat to the national Arab security.

Your Majesties, Highnesses and Excellences;

There are gross challenges, but I am sure that true determination and the coordinated efforts among the Arab countries are capable to face them. Egypt renews its covenant with you that it will be in the heart of each effort that aims at breathing back life to our joint Arab action and face the foreign regional ambitions in our region, since the national Arab security is indivisible and our Arab people expect a lot from this summit. So, let us worth of their aspirations and hopes.

May Allah Almighty assists us in realizing good for our Arab nation.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You.

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