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Armed Forces communique no. 22

Thursday، 17 May 2018 - 03:21 PM

A total of 19 terrorists were killed in Sinai by the army as part of its "Comprehensive Operation - Sinai 2018," according to a Thursday military statement. 

Launched in February, the operation aims to eradicate terrorism in North and Central Sinai, in addition to other areas in the Nile Delta and Western Desert. 

As part of the national battles fought courageously by the “heroes” of the Armed Forces, in cooperation with security authorities of the Interior Ministry, to uproot terrorism and enhance stability and development in Egypt, according to the statement, the operations in Sinai along the last days have resulted in: 

- The elimination of 10 takfiris after fire exchange with the forces during the combing and raiding in North and Central Sinai. A number of weapons, ammunition, and communication devices were detected. 

- The elimination of nine takfiris after fire exchange with Interior Ministry’s security forces. A number of four machine guns and an explosive device were detected. 

- The destruction of a number of underground hideouts in North Sinai and the detection of ammunition, weapons and communication devices inside them. 

- The detection of an underground store in Central Sinai containing military uniforms, takfiri books, in addition to an amount of ammunition. 

- The destruction of three border tunnels in North Sinai, the arrest of 20 wanted criminals and suspects and the destruction of nine cars and 15 plateless motorbikes. 

- The destruction of three explosive devices by the military engineers. The explosive devices were placed on different routes to target the forces, according to the statement. 

- The destruction of six marijuana and poppy farms, and the detection of about half a ton of these plants ready for trade. 

The statement also highlighted the role of the border guards of the Armed Forces in various strategic areas, where they managed to detect 401 people of different nationalities while trying to illegally cross the western borders.

Furthermore, the forces foiled the attempts of a number of four-wheel-drive vehicles loaded with 300,000 tramadol pills, and 40 kilograms of Hashish (a substance derived from cannabis) essence, the statement added.

A number of 16 four-wheel-drive vehicles, six satellite communication devices and 19 individuals possessing 250,000 drug pills were seized, according to the statement. The forces also managed to stop 25 individuals of different nationalities from crossing the southern border.

Four other individuals possessing 235 kilograms of marijuana, 333 kilograms of Hashish essence and opium were detected, according to the statement.

The Armed Forces continue to provide people of North and Central Sinai with food aid to ease their suffering, the statement revealed.

Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018 comes within the Armed Forces’ ongoing counterterrorism operations in Sinai that are aimed at eliminating terrorists and takfiri elements and eradicating their breeding grounds and hotbeds.

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