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Armed Forces: 32 takfiris killed, 21 targets destroyed in North, Central Sinai

Thursday، 21 June 2018 - 11:10 AM

The General Command of the Armed Forces announced that 32 takfiris were killed and 21 targets were destroyed in North and Central Sinai.

The Armed Forces said Thursday in its 24th statement on the outcome of the operation that was launched on February 9 to fight terrorism in North and Central Sinai and other areas in the Nile Delta and the desert areas west of the Nile Valley.

According to the statement, the Air Forces destroyed 21 targets in North Sinai and two vehicles loaded with large quantities of arms and ammunition.

Twelve dangerous takfiris were killed within the course of the ongoing operations in North and Central Sinai. A number of machine guns, ammunition and wireless communication devices were found in their possession.

 Twenty armed takfiri elements were killed and three others were arrested by security bodies at the Interior Ministry. Four machine guns, two 9mm pistols, two explosive charges and large quantities of ammunition and food supplies were also seized.

A warehouse with large quantities of ammunition and war leftovers was discovered and destroyed. Also, a vehicle loaded with 40 sacks including motorcycle parts and materials used in manufacturing IEDs was seized west of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. Two other vehicles, including one loaded on a winch, carrying 20kg of cannabis plant and 466 cannabis parcels were seized.

 Nine extremely dangerous takfiri elements and 84 wanted persons were arrested. All legal measures were taken against them. 

 Elements of the military engineers force discovered and detonated 15 explosive charges that were planted by terrorists to target army personnel during their operations in the targeted areas.

The Armed Forces destroyed 272 hideouts and warehouses belonging to terrorists. Large quantities of ammunition, food supplies, explosive charges, mobile phones, photography equipment, military garments, a sum of money, wireless communication devices and books promoting takfiri ideology were seized inside them. 

Twenty-eight cannabis farms were discovered and destroyed. 

 Border guards succeeded to arrest 1,099 border infiltrators holding various nationalities and seize five four-wheel-drive vehicles, 242,500 narcotics bills, large quantities of smuggled medical supplies, a machine gun and a sniper rifle. 

The statement reiterated the army and police forces' persistence to uproot terrorism and achieve security and stability for the great Egyptian people.


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