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The Foreign Correspondents' Visit to North Sinai Confirms the Stability of Life

Monday، 30 July 2018 - 10:08 AM
The Foreign Correspondents in North Sinai

The State Information Service accompanied a group of accredited correspondents of some major news agency, T.V channels and foreign newspapers to visit Al-Arish and Bair Al-Abad in North Sinai Governorate to get acquainted with the social and living conditions of the civilians in the wake of the successful military operations launched by the Egyptian Armed Forces to uproot  the terrorist hotbeds and terrorist elements.

The foreign correspondents depicted what they themselves watched by audio and video about the economic and social conditions of the civilians and the development projects, which the state established for the people of the Governorate.

The correspondents made T.V, radio and press interviews with the people inside the cities markets, whether they are merchants or buyers. They made sure that all kinds of food and basic commodities are available.

They visited Al-Arish University, where they met a number of its students and professors, who asserted that the situation inside the university is stable and the education process is proceeding well.

Moreover, the correspondents met with the area’s students who are applying to join the military academies, as the Armed Forces are providing them with physical and sports training in Arish and Bair Al-Abad to qualify them for the admission tests.

Several T.V and press interviews were held with the inhabitants while they were making exercises inside Arish’s clubs, beaches and varied summer resorts.

The correspondents held a meeting with Governor of North Sinai about the comprehensive development process in the Governorate’s cities and villages that coincides with the successful military operations against the terrorist hotbeds and terrorist elements. The meeting focused on the major water and electricity projects.

The Governor confirmed to the correspondents what they had already learnt from the people of Arish and Bair Al-Abad that these operations had neither affected their daily life nor the development projects; on the contrary, their moral went high and their cooperation and confidence in the Armed Forces were enhanced.

Now, the foreign media outlets that visited the governorate are publishing and broadcasting the reports of their correspondents that the comprehensive development process in Sinai is proceeding well and the citizens’ living conditions are stable amidst the success of the military operations that target uprooting of the terrorist elements and hotbeds, destroying their infrastructure and restoring
 normal life in the operation zone.

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