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Armed Forces: 52 Takfiris killed, 49 arrested during Sinai operation

Sunday، 05 August 2018 - 12:48 PM

The General Command of the Egyptian Armed Forces announced that 52 Takfiri elements were killed during the Comprehensive Operation – Sinai 2018, 39 in northern and central Sinai and 13 in Arish, the capital and largest city of the of North Sinai governorate.

In the 26th statement issued on Sunday 5/8/2018, the general command added that 49 very dangerous Takfiri elements were arrested and 26 of their havens and warehouses destroyed.

The operations have resulted in the following successes:

- The Air Force targeted and destroyed 15 vehicles laden with weapons and ammunition aborting attempts to smuggle them via the western borders in addition to destroying 17 other vehicles in the northern military zone

- Thirty-nine Takfiris were killed in various parts of northern and central Sinai. Five machine guns, ammunition and one explosive charge were in their possession.

- Arish national security forces killed 13 Takfiris. Three machine guns, one shotgun and two explosive charges were seized.

- The Armed Forces and police arrested 49 Takfiris in northern and central Sinai.

- The forces also destroyed 12 vehicles and seven motorcycles without license plates that were used by terrorists during their criminal operations. A fuel storage point used by Takfiri elements in central Sinai was also destroyed.

- Twenty-six havens and caches in central and northern Sinai were destroyed. Military clothes of Takfiris were found in these hideouts in addition to books and tapes promoting the Takfiri thought. A wireless communication equipment was also found.

- Four tunnels were destroyed on the borders of Rafah city in northern Sinai.

- Within the framework of intensive efforts to tighten security on the borders, border guard forces of the strategic western side seized four shotguns, three sniper rifles, two machine guns, 200 cartridge bullets, seven weapon caches and amounts of ammunition. The forces also seized 1,490 kilograms of hasish and 2 million narcotic tablets alongside 11 four-wheel vehicles that were used in smuggling operations. Infiltration attempts by 1,900 people were foiled.

- Border guard forces of the southern area seized 34 vehicles used in smuggling operations. The forces also seized a fishing boat, buckshot guns and goods whose customs procedures were not finalized. Infiltration attempts by 18 people via the southern borders were thwarted. From the northern side, border guards botched infiltration attempts by 15 people and seized two cars and two boats used in smuggling operations.

- In the vicinity of the second and third field armies, 12 vehicles were seized alongside six buses used in smuggling operations. 12.5 tons of marijuana were seized alongside 80 kilograms of opium and hashish. Border guards at Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel seized a truck carrying a huge amount of marijuana weighing about 6.5 tons.

- Naval forces continue to safeguard strategic areas and cut off sea supplies to terrorists.

According to the statement, joint combat groups of the Armed Forces and the police organized more than 1,080 ambushes and surprise security patrols on the main roads and the desert-back zones as part of efforts to fully control border areas. The armed forces and the police continue to clean up the precious land of Sinai with determination and a high fighting spirit to protect the nation and its great people, it read.



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