18 May 2022 10:55 AM

SIS congratulates Egyptians on October War anniversary

Thursday، 04 October 2018 - 02:35 PM

On the 45th anniversary of the glorious October War, the State Information Service (SIS) is honored to pay tribute to all the martyrs of Egypt, including military personnel , police and civilians who achieved the greatest victories of the Arab nation in its modern history , have embodied the genuineness of the Egyptian people ,  proved to the world that no compromises whatsoever  are accepted with the aggressor; no waiving of a grain of sand of the holy land of Egypt and no indulgence in restoring our sovereignty over our territories.

The SIS also pays tribute to every single soldier and commander who regained our dignity under the leadership of the then-Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the late President Anwar Sadat.

The SIS also valued and hailed all the Egyptian people who always prove genuine in adversities.

 Greetings to the great army of Egypt.

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