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Armed Forces issues 27th statement on operation ‘Sinai 2018’

Wednesday، 29 August 2018 - 12:00 AM

General Command of the Egyptian Armed Forces issued the 27th statement of the Comprehensive Military Operation “Sinai 2018,” on the newly-achieved progress realized in the forces’ ongoing battle against terrorism and extremist groups active in Northern Sinai.

An intensive military round of airstrikes was launched against the militant’s hideouts in various areas of the conflict-affected areas, which were later subjected to a combing operation, according to the televised statement issued on Wednesday 29/8/2018 on the military campaigns’ following accomplishments.

The Armed Forces managed to eliminate seven terrorists, considered extremely dangerous and seized large amounts of sophisticated arms and weapons of different kinds that were found in their possession.

A four-wheel drive vehicle loaded with large quantities of weapons and live ammunition were also found and seized, while a terrorist den – filled with explosive belts, wireless communication devices, money, military clothes, ration packs and books promoting takfiri thoughts – was also unveiled and destroyed.

Thirteen terrorists were also killed during an exchange of fire with the Armed Forces during the several raids carried out in central and northern Sinai, while 18 wanted terrorist and other were held.

Some 18 terrorist caches, hideout and a shelter were discovered and destroyed along with ten vehicles of different types and six unlicensed motorcycles and 41 explosive devices, planted close to the military congregations in the targeted areas.

On the western border areas of the country, Egypt’s air force destroyed 38 vehicles used in smuggling. The border guards also seized an unmanned aerial vehicle, two satellite communication phones, 1,100 kilograms of cannabis, one million 300,000 tablets and intercepted 2,000 illegal migrants.

About 700 kilograms of drug substances of different types were seized by the armed forces belonging to the second and third armies positioned in the Canal cities. They also managed to impound 12 vehicles used in smuggling, and a fishing boat loaded with narcotics and smuggled goods.

The forces’ efforts in the southern strategic axe of the country have lately resulted in the seizure of five gold detectors, a satellite telephone, two tons of rocks containing gold ore and 26 cartons and the interception of 55 illegal migrants.

Last February, and under the title "Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018," Egypt's armed forces launched a comprehensive military operation targeting the hotbeds of terrorists in northern and central Sinai on Friday.

Sinai, in particular, has been a staging ground for militants operating in Egypt for decades. It is also believed to be home to the Islamic State’s Egyptian branch, which has been primarily targeting Christians and security forces.

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