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Sisi underlines importance of Crete summit

Wednesday، 10 October 2018 - 03:37 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Wednesday 10/10/2018 that a summit meeting with the Greek and Cypriot leaders, that was held here earlier in the day, constitutes a shield in the face of growing challenges atop of which comes the spreading terrorism and extremism.

Addressing a joint press conference, he added that terrorism is seeking to undermine the concept of the national State and destroying societies and civilizations.

The meeting took up the recent developments in the region and means of dealing with challenges at the regional level.

The three countries confirmed the importance that regional and international parties should shoulder their responsibilities for saving the region from dangers besetting it, he said, highlighting the necessity of reaching peaceful solutions to conflicts.

Addressing the joint press conference, president Sisi said that the summit confirmed that reaching peaceful solutions to crises in the region is the only way guaranteeing stability in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

The viewpoints of the three countries were identical regarding the Palestinian issue along with the Syrian and Libyan files, said the president, adding that the three countries held that the political solution is the only way for stopping bloodshed in these countries.

Peaceful solutions will prevent terrorist organizations from achieving their goal in intimidating the peoples of the region, said the president, adding that these organizations are supported by some parties who do not abide by international laws and norms.

The three leaders confirmed that there is no alternative for restoring the Palestinian people’s rights atop of which comes their right to set up their independent state with Al Quds as its capital, said the president.

The three countries asserted the necessity of resuming the political track to resolve the Syrian crisis, said the president, adding that a political solution should be based on Geneva declaration and relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions.

As for the Libyan crisis, the president said that the meeting underlined the importance of not letting down Libya to be an area for foreign interference or to be a fertile soil for terrorist groups.

Cooperation among the three countries also figured high at the summit meeting, said the president, adding that the three countries are keen on boosting economic and investment cooperation.

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