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Mostafa El Naggar is not in custody and the authorities have no knowledge of his whereabouts

Thursday، 18 October 2018 - 09:13 PM

The State Information Service (SIS) released a statement regarding what is being circulated by some foreign media outlets regarding the status of Dr. Mostafa Al Naggar, a dentist, former Member of parliament, and one of the founders of the Justice Party.

The news circulated ranged from allegations of his arrest to claims that he was involuntarily disappeared. 

SIS’s statement is based on official information obtained from the competent authorities that clarified the following facts:

·Dr. Mostafa Ahmed Mohammed El Naggar was and still is a fugitive evading a 3 years prison sentence he received in case No. 478 of 2014 known as "the case of insulting the judiciary" since the 30 December 2017.

·Through his lawyer, the defendant appealed against the verdict before the Court of Cassation, however he should have surrendered himself to the authorities to implement the ruling at least one day before the hearing of the appeal in accordance with the law.

·The date of the appeal was set for October 15th, and the session was held as planned without the aforementioned person turning himself to the authorities which means it was held in his absence.

·The defendant published 1000 words post on his Facebook page regarding the case he was
convicted for and the possibility of his imprisonment on October the 13th, two days before the cassation session.

.Following the 
publication of this post and after the decision of the Court of Cassation to reject the appeal, reports and rumors began circulating in some foreign and Egyptian media outlets that claimed that the authorities have arrested Dr. El Naggar and/or forcefully disappeared him.

After taking all the above into careful consideration SIS stresses that all the competent authorities and agencies categorically deny that Dr. Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed Al Naggar was arrested by security forces or that he turned himself in for that matter.

SIS also stresses that all the rumors and allegations of his enforced disappearance are false and that he is still a fugitive willingly evading serving the sentence issued against him.

Any allegations insinuating otherwise are merely baseless claims attempting to evade the implementation of a judicial ruling. 

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