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Samples of the British Tourist Organs Sent to the Analysis Laboratories, will be delivered to his relatives

Sunday، 21 October 2018 - 09:18 PM

Some British media outlets have published flawed reports of the arrival of the body of the British tourist David Humphries following his death in Hurghada without the heart and kidneys. Some newspapers have been quick to claimsnatching by "organ thieves" (Daily Mail) and organs theft (The Sun).

In order to clarify the whole truth accurately, the State Information Service (SIS) has communicated with the concerned authorities and obtained the full documents of this case that are attached to this statement. The documents have proved that samples were taken from the body of the aforementioned touristin a medical manner and were officially handed over to the governmental analysis laboratories in Assiut and Cairo to investigate the cause of death.

The British tourist "David Humphries" has arrived to the Red Sea Hospital" in Hurghada on 18/9/2018 and has been subjected to cardio-pulmonary resuscitation but he did not respond to those measures. Then, the death of the patient had been announced and the body has been transported to the post-mortem room in the general hospital after the statement of the competent doctor.

Preliminary investigations of the police outlined in the death notice on 18/9/2018 by the emergency doctor who received the tourist mentioned that "he arrived at the hospital by the ambulance and found that there were no vital signs and the patient has not responded to the resuscitation, and he was dead. The death was probably due to sudden cardiac arrest".

According to the medical report issued by the Red Sea Hospital on 18/9/2018, the patient has arrived at the hospital in a deep coma, with no pulse, breathing, or blood pressure and cold body.

Initial investigations also included the words of Lynda Humphries, the wife of the dead tourist, that he felt pain in his chest, and after taking his treatment, he became better. Then, he felt pain in his chest again and fell to the ground and was taken by the ambulance to the hospital where his death was confirmed. Besides, the wife asserted that she is not accusing anyone for her husband’s death.

The wife of the deceased said that he was transferred to the Red Sea Hospital on 13/9/2018 after feeling tired, received treatment and left the hospital.

According to the medical report issued by the Red Sea Hospital on 13/9/2018, the said tourist was admitted to hospital with symptoms of severe chest pain, respiratory distress and excessive sweating.  He was diagnosed as having the symptoms of a heart attack. He was then transferred to the intensive care unit in the hospital where his blood pressure was managed and was given the medication needed. In the evening of the following day 14/9/2018, the patient’s condition was good, the vital signs were normal and he was discharged from the hospital on the condition that he adheres to the prescribed post-discharge medications.

In the same police investigation, the deceased’s daughter Anita Goodall confirmed her mother’s statement, adding that she does not  accuse anyone of having a hand in the death of her father.

On 20/9/2018, The Public Prosecutor’s Office instructed the coroner in Hurghada to move to Hurghada General Hospital to carry out the medical examination, autopsy and needed sampling of the deceased’s body to ascertain the cause of death and determine whether or not a medical error has occurred . The Public Prosecutor’s Office is entitled by law to issue an autopsy order should The Office wishes to determine the cause of death, with all the requisite sampling and necessary medical procedures, on a case-by-case basis, without consulting with or seeking the consent of the family of the deceased. It is an established and customary procedure in scientific references and different schools of forensic science around the globe.

On 25/9/2018, the following samples (in accordance with the attached official report) were sent to the chemical analysis laboratories in Assiut Governorate, affiliated to the Ministry of Health: “4 packages containing amount of blood, parts of liver, stomach, intestine, their contents, halves of the kidneys and bladder, all belonging to the deceased David Humphries to search for toxic and narcotic alkaloids, tranquilizers, sedatives and antidepressants”.

Also on 25/9/2018, the following  samples have been dispatched to the Pathology Laboratory  of the Ministry of Health in Cairo (in accordance with the attached official report): “a heart preserved in formalin belonging to the deceased David Humphries who underwent a forensic autopsy on 20/9/2018 in Hurghada General Hospital”, obviously to perform the required analysis to determine the cause of death. 

In light of the above-mentioned proceedings and the attached official documents released by official bodies affiliated to the Egyptian ministries of justice, interior and health, the allegations pertaining to  the deceased’s organs theft  are unfounded. All formalities were conducted in a procedurally sound matter, geared towards the use of familiar scientific methods to ascertain the cause of death with complete certainty.

On this occasion, the State Information Service calls upon the media outlets to ensure accuracy, address all thematic aspects, communicate with parties concerned prior to publishing reports provoking confusion, making accusations, reaching incorrect conclusions and damaging the reputation of many parties.  

The full documents of this case that are attached to this statement

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