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Sisi pledges to provide funding for women empowerment in investment

Sunday، 04 November 2018 - 04:33 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi pledged on Sunday 4/11/2018 that the recommendations of the ongoing World Youth Forum will include providing necessary funding for women for work and investment.

During the session Agenda 2063: The Africa we want, President Sisi said "we have a special appreciation to women in Egypt and any recommendation or request related to women will be very highly responded to."

"In Egypt we have special programs for women care. She does not represent 50% of the society as people say in Egypt, but actually we consider her everything. This is not a compliment, the Egyptians know that and see that through practices and measures taken," he added.

President Sisi said Africa is facing many challenges, such as stability, security, education and lack of resources which always gives us frustration as regards a better future.

Africa may have few resources one way or another but it is very rich in its resources which require effort for management.

There should be regional integration and assistance as this continent may have a larger population within the coming 50 years to reach double the number we have today, he said.

Dealing with the current challenges in Egypt is a must and they are also part of those in Africa, he added.

President Sisi said attracting investments to Africa needs providing security and stability otherwise no investors will come.

He pointed out to his efforts ever since he assumed power to reach calm in Africa without interference in countries' affairs. "If you (African people) want to change your reality there should be real security and stability in all the African states," he said.

He praised the development reached in Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan recently.

Changing Africa needs a giant integrated program that establishes infrastructure for Africa and this needs between 300 and 500 billion dollars, he added.

The Egyptian experiment in improving the infrastructure provided many job opportunities, he said, referring to around 3-5 million jobs.

Egypt's experiment in developing the infrastructure will be expounded during the forum, he added.

President Sisi underlined the importance of governance measures in Africa including Egypt, saying governance of measures is also governance of the idea and the vision. We have a program through which databases are being established on the Egyptian state, he said.

We have a population of 100 million and so it is not easy to create integrated databases for everything in the country. We are exerting great efforts in this respect, he said.

The President referred to corruption as one of the main challenges facing Africa. Corruption is a key issue for all of us in the world particularly in Africa.

The President added "I swear I get very touched when a young man, a girl or a child cross the Mediterranean hoping for a better tomorrow. Here in Egypt no citizen has left this way since September 2016 when we were able to provide a suitable amount of stability and security to the citizens."

"In Egypt we have no camps for "guests" and I prefer to say guests and not refugees. They work in Egypt like any Egyptian. We have entire streets where you find different nationalities selling and buying commodities and living among us," he said.

We are concerned with stability and security of Europe and it is necessary to maintain common interests which are stability and security, he added.

He addressed African citizens, saying "never give up on your dream. Dream and go after your dream. You have to be certain that your dream will come true as long as there is will, determination and effort. It is only a matter of time."

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