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President Abdel Fattah El Sis Speech at the Inauguration of Reviving Humanity Memorial

Saturday، 03 November 2018 - 12:00 AM

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, World Youths, Honorable Audience,

At the beginning of my speech today in the presence of the elite of the world's youths and those who are interested in the world's affairs, I would like to extend my greetings and appreciation for your presence here on the precious land of Sinai: the meeting point of East and West, the destination of peace seekers, the core of history and geography, and the divine land of prophets.

I would also like to show great pride in the promising youths of Egypt, the heirs to the greatness of our ancestors and those determined to fulfill their hopes and goals. Without their conscious determination and positive enthusiasm, we would not have met in this auditorium. The insistence and enthusiasm inherited from our ancestors who wrote the first words in the book of civilization have established the history and future of this dream.

Moreover, I would like to declare that I take the side of the youths of my country in particular and the youths of the world in general as I firmly believe that by the enthusiasm of young peoples and their awareness, the miracles come true, the present is built, and we all reache the future through confident steps that follow the principles of civilization and humanity.

Our youths’ dream was to create a free platform where youths of different races, colors, and religions, meet to find common spaces where their dreams are united, their visions are exchanged, and their opinions, concerning challenges and problems that face today's world, are expressed.

That promising dream which seeks peace, creativity and development, rather than creating conflicts of narrow interests.

Honourable Audience,

Egypt’s enthusiastic and conscious youths, whose homeland identity has been rooted in it by the seven pillars of civilization that formed his conscience and human vision and created inside him a meeting point of civilizations, cultures and religions, became the most important one in the battle of building the nation that we go through in facing many challenges that affected the region and Egypt. While these challenges storm countries and civilizations around us, Egypt’s youths were able to meet the challenges and faced terrorism by art and culture before weapons and began to build the nation with confident and accelerated steps.

I say openly and truly that our nation has formed during a few years; a new vision based on returning to the human assets and principles of civilizations and seeks to replace the ideas of the clash of civilization by integration and dialogue. It also reinforces the idea of respecting and accommodating the cultural differences.

     Instead of imposing visions and ideologies attempts by force. This vision was inspired from the cultural wealth that composes the Egyptian identity with its seven dimensions. The Pharaonic Egypt that was the cradle of civilization and history, has acquired three geographical dimensions; African, Asian and Mediterranean. Then, it had been developed through mixing with the Greek-Roman civilization, Coptic, Arab and Islamic civilizations.

  Therefore, Egypt has become the key player in the regional and international equation aiming at finding realistic solutions for these disputes and conflicts as well as able to increase the joint space which will gather the varying parties for more peaceful and stable world enjoying love and fraternity and restore its missing humanity

World youth gathering in land of Egypt,

 I call you for a constructive serious dialogue throughout the events of this forum that varies in form and content.

Please rise up with your dreams to the horizons of creativity and determine to enforce your will. Be loyal to your dreams inspite of those who hate you. Innovate with your minds and love life with your hearts. Rush into the future that will suit you. Let differences in your religions, colors, races and ethnics be an added value to your dream and a wealth to your future and never be apart. Let your treasure lying in the journey to the aspired-for future that is brimmed with peace, stability and development. Practice truthfulness and believe that the dreams will come true even in later time as the dreams do not vanish by time.

Your Highnesses and Excellenies … Honourabe Audience,

We have to shoulder today our historical responsibilities, supporting our youths’ dreams with full strength and determination and returning back to human principles. I announce from here, the blessed land of Sinai, this land that smells of love and is shadowed with peace, the land whose sun rises with tolerance and amity, I will support Egypt’s youths’ initiative to return back to humanity and work on establishing peace and love, and biasing to the human civilized dialogue that is based on teachings of the tolerant religions that made reconstruction and good manners an inter-great common factor away from extremism to a belief or a religion. In this place, a first brick was put to a memorial that reminds us that God had created life in the human beings’ hearts and we have to keep God’s trust in our hearts. I will work with the Egyptians on dissiminating messages of construction, development and justice armed with the unique Egyptian civilization and its distinguished identity all over ages, and we will chant together: long live humanity, long live peace, long live civilization.

Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You.

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