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Sisi: No one can impose an unwelcome path on Egyptians

Wednesday، 07 November 2018 - 02:45 PM

Nobody can force Egyptians to take a path not to their liking or against their will, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has said.

It was the people's will in 2011 and 2013 that was the determining factor, but Egyptians must now stand united and shun division to face the grave challenges ahead, he said at a meeting with the foreign press on Tuesday 6/11/2018 in Sharm El Sheikh on the sidelines of the 2nd World Youth Forum.

"Any State that places its destiny into the unknown is bound to collapse," he said.

Change to the better is an experience that Egypt has gone through after being on the brink of collapse but God saved it, he added.

Therefore, "we must not go through another experience that will lead to the collapse of the state," he said.

He called on Arab peoples to protect their nations, saying" reconstruction requires potentials which Libya has. Syria and Yemen however, need a considerable program."

He expressed hope the Egyptian media and social networking websites discuss his ideas to hold a societal dialogue in their respect.

The media needs to exercise more depth and professionalism and talk to experts with good knowledge in their fields to raise the awareness of all Egyptians, especially the youth, on the issues of today and their solutions, he said.

The solution to problems never lies in the change of leadership or falling into the trap of groups who just want to turn the nation into a religious one that will discriminate and ostracize, he said.

He called on the media to focus on the volume of production and exports, and overpopulation, and compare this to the higher production when talking about hiking prices.

"For us, it is only natural to have a crisis or price hikes given the current situation," he said.

The opposition only wants to grasp power and once it gets there, it is faced with the gravity of problems, he said.

"I do not need voices to support me, but voices to support Egypt, its security and stability. The media needs to conduct an in-depth study of the files. This is non-existent now. Hassanein Heikal was the only writer to deal with issues in real depth," Sisi said.

He referred to the wrong image currently being portrayed on the situation in Egypt.

"There is also the misconception that the use of force against the state is the solution to establish the so-called Caliphate state," he said.

Terror rises when the state bodies weaken and terror acts are used to realize political motives, Sisi said.

The religious discourse needs to be rectified so as not to attract extremism and terror, he said.

Sisi said the periodical youth forums Egypt holds at the world and domestic levels is to address youth on the gravity of the country's problems.

He called on the media to talk more about "overpopulation as one of the main causes of our current problems".

The issue of education must also be examined in a scientific, comprehensive and objective way to achieve the aspired goals, he said.

"Educational reform aims to build a balanced Egyptian person who acknowledges difference and diversity. This requires time. However, if we do not reform education and the religious discourse we will still have a cultural or civilization gap. We are taking steps in the educational and cultural domain to conform to the security measures and we have succeeded in achieving a substantial degree of stability and higher awareness among the people on the reasons behind our problems and have stopped some from turning to extremism and terror," he said.

There has also been a change in the level of religious awareness among Egyptians whether Muslims or Christians and understanding that faith is a relationship between the person and God, Sisi said.

Egypt does not focus only on its own issues, but it plays a role in the regional issues as well, President Sisi said.

"The situation in the Middle East region has become very difficult and complex," Sisi said, citing the Syrian and Libyan crises, which further worsened following interference of several regional and international powers.

President Sisi noted that Egyptian and Arab efforts may not help reach solutions for crises, which existed seven or eight years ago, adding that the longer the crisis persists, the more difficult it will be.

The President also stressed the need for solving Arab issues quickly in order not to give a chance for terrorist groups to pose a threat to Arab national security.

He further noted that Egypt would not stand idle if the Gulf countries came under threat.

"Egypt is in a natural alliance with the Arab and Gulf countries and together we can secure our national security by unifying efforts to overcome crises," the President said.

"Nobody accepts the presence of any militias or armed groups within any country," President Sisi said.

The presidential called for a partial lifting of the arms embargo imposed on Libya to help the Libyan army restore the country's security and stability.

"We do not have any information about the so-called century deal," the president said, adding that Egypt will continue to support the two-state solution and establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Egypt will never force the Palestinians to accept a specific solution for their crisis but it will help them to reach a final settlement, he added.

Sisi further praised relations between Egypt and the UAE since the era of late UAE president Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The President further stressed that Egypt will not allow any party to harm Egypt's share of the Nile River water, adding that Egypt is optimistic about the new Ethiopian leadership.

"Egypt will focus on outlining a framework for solving African crises during its presidency of the coming African Union summit," he noted.

Commenting on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, President Sisi called for awaiting the results of investigations into the case, adding that nobody will be able to endanger Saudi Arabia's security or stability.

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