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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Address in the Opening Session of Africa Forum 2018

Monday، 10 December 2018 - 01:55 PM

In the Name of Allah the Almighty

Excellencies, Heads of State and Government,

Ministers and heads of international and regional organizations,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to welcome you to Sharm El-Sheikh at the Africa Forum, held for the third year in a row, to complete the discussions we have begun to draw the future, open up new horizons for growth and prosperity, and benefit from the continent's young people’s energies and natural resources, thus contributing to realizing a tangible progress in the economies of the African states as regards the investments, development and employment in order to realize the hopes and aspirations of the peoples of our great continent for development and prosperity.

Brothers and Sisters,

Our meeting this year comes at a time when we are all looking forward to further regional integration and facilitating intra-regional trade, particularly after the African Union had launched the Free Trade Zone during the summit that had been held in Nouakchott, March 2018. We are also looking forward to increasing the volume of investments among the continent's countries through implementing joint and cross-border projects, particularly in the fields of infrastructure, new and renewable energy, telecommunications and information technology.

We aspire to achieve these goals through joint action under the umbrella of the African Union, which Egypt will take its presidency  next year, in which we will endeavor, with strenuous effort, to build on what has been already achieved over the past years and complement our continent's development agenda, thus pushing us towards further consultation and collective action to activate the projects that will realize the comprehensive and sustainable development in the continent to occupy the position it deserves on the map of the global economy.

Dear Audience,

Egypt took great strides on the economic and social reform march and made structural reforms in various sectors in addition to paving the way for more attractive climate for local and foreign investment. Such reforms have contributed to improve Egypt’s economic indicators and credit rating according to several international institutions. This is concomitant of the reform programs that have been implemented by many African countries in order to improve its economic performance.

In this framework, allow me to review together what the continent countries need concerning their reform programs. It is necessary that these reforms keep pace with the requirements of the age, citizens’ needs and boost the development process in order to include upgrading of roads, airports, sea ports and cities in addition to electricity, energy, pure water and sanitary drainage networks.

Also, the reform process should coop with the requirements of information and up-to-date technology revolution, industries and new services related to the digital economy. As well, it goes in harmony with the efforts exerted on the international level to face the climate changes and cut harmful emissions in the environment to maintain our planet.

Undoubtedly, such various fields need huge investments that allow the implementation of the reform process effectively. Thus, pushing us to call investors inside and outside the continent so as to make use of the promising opportunities in Africa, in a way that will participate in pushing foreword development and cement stability; hence, Africa becomes an effective and influential partner on the world level.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we are in dire need to double our common efforts on all levels so as to deepen cooperation, economic integration and realize development and progress.

Out of this idea, Egypt was keen on increasing its investments in Africa during 2018 by $1.2 billion to reach $10.2 billion.

Such orientation aims to realizing common interests between Egypt and the African countries; besides boosting cooperation and transferring Egyptian experiences to all countries of Africa in all fields closely related to development.

We also call investors from all countries of the continent to consider the available opportunities on Egypt’s investment map.

Sons of the African Continent,

The world looks at your continent as a land of promising opportunities, a land that is qualified to achieve high rates of sustainable economic growth with all it possesses of human resources and huge and various wealth. This puts us before a tremendous challenge to achieve a decent standard of living for all the continent’s people. In this respect, I assure the importance of exploiting the potential energies of youth, supporting their ideas through providing fund for the productive enterprises that provide job opportunities, and enhance their country’s economy.  This is in addition to providing more economic empowerment for the African women and eliminating all forms of violence and discrimination against them as she represents a fundamental pillar for development and is one of its effective components.

Finally, let me welcome you again on Egypt’s land and wish you all the best in the forum’s activities that I am sure it will contribute to supporting the joint African action, enhancing our competitiveness, and achieving our hopes in a better future.    

I assure you that Egypt will always be adhere to its commitments proud of her belonging to Africa, keen on its benefits, faithful to its demands and interests, and supports with all its power and determination our dear continent’s march towards the better future that our peoples aspire to and deserve

Long Live Egypt, Long Live Africa

Peace, Mercy And Blessings of Allah Be Upon You.

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