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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Speech at the Cultural Symposium of the Armed Forces

Sunday، 10 March 2019 - 12:00 AM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me at the outset to extend to all of you - and the great people of Egypt–my greetings, appreciation and respect. Many happy returns of the day while Egypt is, God Willing, in peace and security.

The Great People of Egypt,

The Martyr's Day, which we celebrate today, is not an occasion to renew sadness, but to honor the sincere sons who sacrificed for this eternal homeland without waiting for a reward in return. They offered great sacrifices whose enormous value cannot be properly evaluated except by those who offered to Egypt a martyr or a wounded person and those who watered the land of this country by their blood and sweat to make it survive with welfare, peace and prosperity.

This day, the day martyrdom of the hero Lieutenant General Abdel Moneim Riad, and the day of the martyrdom of any of our heroes of the Armed Forces and the brave policemen or any Egyptian person across the country, is a day on which we honor, not only the souls of those martyred, but also those who patiently and persistently give, bear the responsibility of this country and work day and night to enable the Egyptians live in peace, security and stability. It is a day we pause together to have a comprehensive look at our march and overall situation.

The Great People of Egypt,

Sacrificing the lives of your children for Egypt is not strange to a heroic people like you as Egypt has always been a graveyard for the invaders. Today, Egypt is the solid strong wall that have stood to face the waves of danger and terrorism that affected our entire region, destroying and affecting millions of its inhabitants, causing fear, displacement, murder and the loss of the future. Despite these difficult circumstances and the dear human and material price paid by the peoples of the region, I tell you today that the people of Egypt has proved again that it has a will stronger than its enemies' expectations and that it will always be closely connected with its state and institutions to form together one bloc that –God Willing- will never be broken.

On the walls of this invincible country, the waves of terrorism and evil are destroyed. Also, due to the competence and strength of the army and police, the attackers’ will are broken and their strength are weakened.

The Armed Forces and police have implemented the “Comprehensive Operation” that achieved huge and effective successes, in which, the army and police managed to secure Egypt and its people, narrowing the danger scope and besieging the terrorist elements as well as killing a large number of them in addition to their equipment, arms, logistics and support networks. 

They succeeded despite the difficulty of the non-systemic war which does not terror the personnel of the Armed Forces and police who countered terrorism and its dangers by their belief in Allah and certainty that they are on the right way, in addition to their good training and superior military performance.

I know, that you, the sons of the heroic Egyptian people, are aware that every battle has its victims from those who sacrifice their souls for the sake of you. Among those, are the people who were martyred in the terrorist incident in Al-Arish on Saturday, 16 February and also those who were martyred in Al-Azhar area on Monday, 18 February. Let us extend our greeting and appreciation to their innocent souls.

Great People of Egypt,

As we are pursuing facing terrorism and trust in our abilities, God Willing, to success in defeating its danger, we do not accept that negligence captures the souls of the innocent people. We do not accept that individual mistakes could kill dozens of citizens as happened in Cairo Train Terminal on Wednesday, 27 February, so we express our condolences and sympathy with their families.

Let me be honest with you that we should, as Egyptians, face ourselves honestly to realize that the danger of negligence is not less than that of terrorism. Also, corruption, incompetence and absence of conscience don’t only capture souls, but also the hope for a better future that all of us are seeking to make.

The Great Egyptian People,

I am always keen on briefing you with facts and realities, believing in the importance of informing the people on the enormous efforts towards achieving genuine reform. This is done so that everyone should know that the State is racing against time and exerting the utmost effort to provide the financial resources needed to reform and development. It is known that it is difficult and expensive; nevertheless, pursuing persistently is the only way to provide the citizens with modern and advanced services.

As we are proceeding on our way, we are well- aware of the fact that some people are not satisfied with Egypt’s successes at home and abroad, including enhancing its status, steadily progress and steadfastness against adversities. Those people hasten to seriously harm our country, aiming to obstruct our progress and impede our steps.

I have repeatedly told you that I would never have to worry about Egypt from the external threats or challenges, as long as you remain coherent in the internal front and a united strong and unwavering force. The last days have shown the evildoers from abroad who found it was difficult to harm Egypt, resorted to the psychological and rumors wars, aiming to produce untrue mental image that firmly nestled in the citizen’s consciousness to disappoint him and undermine his confidence in himself, state and leadership.

As Allah is my Witness, I am directing telling to those people and everyone:

The only end that controls the actions and policies of the State; starting from the President of the Republic to all state institutions, is, first and foremost, the interest, security, safety and future of the Egyptian citizen.

We are striving for achieving a true renaissance, where Egypt would take significant status among nations and move to the ranks of the developed countries, by God Will. It is a true renaissance, where the Egyptian citizen would enjoy the optimal educational level, the best health and medical care, the latest infrastructure concerning electricity, water, roads and transportation, and modernized and facilitated public services, in a way that the citizen would feel his humanity and dignity.

Let me tell you that the economic reform program and all mega national projects, without exception, primarily target improving the quality of life for the whole Egyptian people and providing necessary financial resources, without which the State could not improve public services that citizens have long complained of and demanded its improving.

I am telling you clearly all that roaming rumors would not affect the awareness of the Egyptian people, all psychological wars would not shake their solid resolve, lies would not deceive them, nor falsehood would conquer.

Our people will remain fully aware to distinguish between truth and falsehood. The people’s insight, which has been furbished by thousands of years-long civilization, is able to distinguish between honesty and deceit.

The Valiant Egyptian People,

Last month, which was full of grief and pain, has also witnessed your pride in the homeland when it has regained its international status.

It is not a secret what was the status of Egypt on the international arena several years ago, and the incumbent one nowadays. After years of suspended membership, Egypt has presided over the African Union (AU) and exercised her natural role in the African continent, working hand-in-hand with our African brothers, with whom we co-shared the same goal and destiny.

Afterwards, we hosted the first and the largest ever gathering of its kind in Sharm El-Sheikh, where many leaders of Arab and European states attended. They came to Egypt to set forth new grounds of Arab-European cooperation, based on mutual respect, parity and true partnership.

All these active roles on the African, Arab and European arenas, led Egypt’s sun to rise again.

Every Egyptian should now know that his country’s voice has been become heard.

Every Egyptian should also know that Egypt is on the right track towards a well-established and influential status in the region and all over the world, for the goodness and the benefit of all Egyptians.

By God’s Will, our constants shall remain well-established and unshakable, our affiliation shall remain firmly well-founded, defending our homeland relentlessly, and confronting its enemies by thought and opinion. Moreover, we have a free resolution, honest saying, and are governed by consciousness and enlightened awareness. Furthermore, we are coherent, united, living up to our homeland, wasting no its soil, and endorsing our Armed Forces and Police against the enemies, traitors and corrupt individuals. In gratitude for the souls of our martyrs and heroes, we pay tribute for them and the beloved homeland which deserves the supreme sacrifice, faithfulness and patience.

Thank You Very Much

Happy Returns of the Day

Long live Egypt… Long live Egypt… Long live Egypt…

Peace and Mercy of Allah Be Upon you


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