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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s Statement to Honor Egyptian Women, Ideal Mothers

Monday، 01 April 2019 - 12:12 PM
President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’sStatement to Honor Egyptian Women And Ideal Mothers

Egypt’s Honorable People,

Egypt’s Great Women,

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me at the outset to extend my greeting, appreciation and respect to Egypt’s great people and my greeting to the Egyptian great woman, who makes happiness and growth, in particular.
I have a big pleasure today to attend this annual ceremony, which we are keen to mark and reflect our genuine feeling, as a state and society towards woman, whether she is a wife or a mother or a daughter or a sister.
Woman as a “mother” is the supporter and fountainhead of goodness and virtues, source of unconditional giving and sacrifice and teacher of values and wisdom. She is the fortress of psychological safety and no words can weight her position.
Woman as a “wife” is the faithful partner and the companion of our life with its fluctuations and challenges in times of happiness and sadness. She is the safe haven to her husband, when he faces crises and his unlimited supporter.
Woman as “sister and daughter” is the source of smiling to her parents since she has been a baby girl until she is growing day after day and becoming a youth.
The development and promotion of any society are measured by its cultural, moral and cognitive development and closely connected with the cultural and awareness development of women as well as its effective contribution to building and developing the society.
The Ancient Egyptian civilization ranked first among all human civilizations at that time concerning treating and appreciation of women as well as its recognition of her different contributions in all fields, whether in family cohesion or in her societal and developmental role as well as in public life. This unique position was memorialized by inscriptions on the Pharaonic antiquities walls, which became a decisive evidence for the Egyptians on our authenticity and civilized human relations.
In the modern era, the Egyptian woman continues her promotion and supremacy, as she participated in the 1919 Revolution that we celebrate its centenary, when the martyrs of the Egyptian women fell with the genuine men and became immortal in the conscience of the homeland.
The march of the woman’s struggle continued and gained the right to elect, practice the political rights completely as well as the rights to education, and assuming public positions until today, where women  are seen in all fields of national work. 
Women work honestly, strongly and efficiently and effectively contribute to building Egypt, being the great mother, who gave birth to loyal and honest women and men. 
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Egyptian woman proved, a generation after another and throughout the Egyptian long history, that she is an essential element in the homeland’s equation and full-fledged partner in all its battles and challenges. 
Woman is indeed Egypt’s defense line against any challenges or hardships. She has born the homeland’s responsibilities on her shoulders and offered the martyrs with an unshakable determination.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Although we had achieved a progress in supporting and empowerment of woman, however we have a lot that must be done to establish a society, where justice is prevailing in and all citizens contribute to building the homeland, so I direct the government to do the following:
First: to study ways to achieve further involvement for women in the labor market, and provide an appropriate and supportive environment for them; including the necessary social protection to encourage their shift from informal to formal employment and in helping them realize their ambitions within non-traditional sectors.
Second: Entrusting the government to put in place appropriate legislation aimed at protecting women effectively from all forms of physical and emotional violence, with considerations for the fact that early marriage before legal age, denial of education or inadequate maintenance for a woman and her children in the event of divorce are acts of violence.
Third: The government must conduct an in-depth study of women imprisoned who failed to pay debts, and formulate legislation and policies that would reduce this phenomenon due to its severe repercussions on the Egyptian family.
Fourth: In the light of the previous directives to draft a family awareness project and prepare youth for the responsibilities of marriage, I look forward to effective and positive implementation of the “Mawada” initiative, which will benefit the stability of the family and preserve the rights of both husband and wife, together with the study of enacting a new personal status law.
Fifth: Calling on the government to take the necessary measures to achieve financial inclusion, technological empowerment of women and provide further support for small enterprises that offer women opportunities to work.
Sixth: In light of the representation of women in parliament and the government, the highest in the history of Egypt, I call for a greater political participation and in various sectors.
Seventh: Calling upon the government to study the amendment of the Public Service Law, shaping it into a tool for training and qualifying Egypt’s young women to join the labor market, and develop the necessary incentives to achieve this.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Concluding my statement, I call upon and tell every Egyptian citizen that the Egyptian women deserve a safe street, where they can walk peacefully, a suitable work place and good treatment everywhere that shows our people’s civilization.
I tell the Egyptian women: “From your homeland and me, we extend you all appreciation, respect and gratitude”, 

Many Happy Returns Be Upon You

Peace and Mercy of Allah Be Upon You.

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