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President Abdel Fattah El - Sisi’s Address on Occasion of Labour Day

Sunday، 05 May 2019 - 03:46 PM

In the Name of Allah,

The Great People of Egypt,

Egypt’s Honourable Workers All Over the Country,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

At the beginning, I would like to say that it gives me honour to be with you today. I extend my greetings and appreciation to every Egyptian honourable citizen who builds and takes part in the progress of this country. I tell you that who saved Egypt in recent years is the people of Egypt thanks to Allah’s Help. I send greetings to every Egyptian family that sacrificed one of its sons from the Armed Forces and police to the homeland.  I also affirm that the contribution of Egypt's workers has not been in recent years only, but throughout the history of Egypt. Their contribution has doubled in the last four years during which they have completed a large number of national projects in record time.

We still have a lot of work in the coming period.  I also call upon the workers of Egypt to effectively participate in the trade unions and local councils elections, and give due attention to choosing the best objective, fair and honest candidates.

 Today, I salute every worker on the land of Egypt, every honest hard-working citizen, who appreciates the value of work, exerts a sincere and diligent effort for his family and country, builds a better future, and spreads good and welfare. I tell the male and female workers of Egypt: Your noble struggle is greatly appreciated and I will always keep my pledge with you and do my best so that your constructive efforts will be fruitful and  yield what you wish for yourselves, and our dear country, Egypt.  

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Egypt is proceeding simultaneously on parallel tracks, to make up for its losses and follow progress.  We have faced unbearable challenges over the past years. We could not withstand them, without Allah’s support and the strength and unity of our people.  We have carried out difficult economic measures that could not have been avoided. Otherwise, severe repercussions would have been felt. I admit to all of you that most of those who bore the burden of reform were the workers and ordinary people. The result of this was the success of the economic reform program and elucidation of Egypt’s real image to the world, being a people with deep awareness and understanding and the people who is ready to shoulder responsibility for his homeland.

 Over the past few years, the Egyptians have made extraordinary efforts to move their country to security and stability. Egypt's workers, in particular, have demonstrated their dedication, sincerity, and ability to work. Their skills are no less than the universal level, may surpass it when suitable conditions for work and achievement are provided.  I tell you with all honesty: My expectations of the efficiency of the Egyptians and their ability to achieve the highest levels of work and production have no limits.   The success stories, which appeared for some people impossible, that  I have witnessed during the past four years, proved that when we want, we can and that our ambition and ability to carry out speedy and efficient achievements have no limits.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over the past four years, my main mission has been to stabilize the pillars of the state, enhance coherence of its institutions and restore the stability required to sustain progress.

Along with establishing the country’s pillars, in turbulent times that our region passes, we did not delay building for the future  and setting up bases to take off. Our problems will not be solved except through real confrontation. It was not possible to continue in transational solutions leaving problems to increase and complicate. Thus, I did not hesitate a moment in taking appropriate decisions to set up strong and real bases that allow us a different reality and achieve our hopes in a modern developed country.

Through recent years, the Egyptians have written bright lines of major projects and successive achievements, either in new cities or in infrastructure projects that we will continue to improve and treat their deficiencies that resulted from negligence of maintenance over time, or social and youth housing projects, and developing hazardous areas, or new factories and free industrial zones, concurrently with developing and modernizing the investment structure, as well as natural gas and energy projects; all of this is done within an economic reform controlled program that addresses  financial  and monetary crises which often constitute an obstacle before our economy’s progress and  living conditions’ improvement.

Honestly, I tell you: With all the previous mentioned projects and achievements, I am extremely happy with applying a comprehensive social care system that we continuously work for modernizing and developing it to include all beneficiaries so as no one can feel injustice in his homeland, and all people can feel that while Egypt moves towards the future, she does not neglect her sons.

Over four years, the state has applied Takaful and Karama “Solidarity and Dignity” program that millions of families benefit from to lead a decent life after long suffering. Moreover, Aman “Safety” certificate that was issued weeks ago to guarantee security and protection to temporary and seasonal manpower and breadwinner women. I follow up its implementation progress and I am looking forward to increasing its issuing rates on both private and public sectors levels in order to ensure full protection to seasonal manpower.

Furthermore, I am looking forward, through the coming period, to the Parliament’s speedy enacting of the new work law that aims at achieving saftey, and employment stability to private sector labors. Moreover, I am looking forward to honorable businessmen to continue enhancing their role in solving labors’ problems and safeguard their rights, and shouldering their social responsibilities towards the labors and the homeland.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the end of my speech, I assure that I am confident of Egypt’s labors’ ability to continue the development march that will not be completed except by their determination and sincere patriotism, and that they will not allow anyone, whoever he is, to threaten Egypt’s stability; the time - honoured homeland, the land that is moving on towards progress and prosperity. I reassure that Egypt’s people, with his awareness, is the one besides its army and police, who protects and preserves this homeland and they are able to protect Egypt from any threat, risk or conspiracy.

Heartfelt greetings to all Egypt’s labors in their day,

Happy Labor Day,

Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace and Mercy be Upon You

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