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The National Council for Persons with Disabilities

Wednesday، 11 December 2019 - 09:09 AM


The National council for persons with Disabilities was established by Presidential Decree No. 11 / 2019 to replace the National Council for Disability Affairs issued by Prime Ministerial Decree No. 410 / 2012, to which all his rights and responsibilities are assumed.


The members of the National Council for Disability Affairs, continue in its current formation to carry out their work in accordance with the provisions of the attached law, until the formation of the National  Council for Persons with Disabilities.


The staff of the National Council for Disability Affairs are also transferred to the new Council with their same functional and financial status.


The council shall enjoy technical, financial and administrative independence in performing its activities, functions and competences, and it shall have a full-time General Secretary chosen from non-members as a guarantee for the independence of the members.

Its headquarters shall be in Cairo and it may establish branches and offices in the governorates.



The Council aims to promote, develop and protect the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities, which are constitutionally mandated and raise awareness of them.



The Council is headed by a Governing Council chaired by the Prime Minister, Vice-President, and 19 members, including six ministers from the Government as follow:  “Minister of Health, Education, Social Solidarity, Housing, Planning, Administrative Reform and Manpower”.


Other members are selected from persons with disabilities, public figures concerned with the rights of persons with disabilities, including eight persons with disabilities, 4 representatives of civil society organizations, 5 experts in the field of disability, the President of the General Union of Non-Governmental Organizations and the President of the Specific Union of Associations. Working in the field of disability.


The Board shall be formed for a term of four years, and it is not allowed for its members to be appointed for more than two consecutive terms.


Tasks and functions of the Council


- The council shall prepare an annual report on the situation of the rights of persons with disabilities, and submit this report to the Egyptian president, the Parliament, and the Cabinet.

- Recommend the general policy of the State about developing, rehabilitation , integrating and empowerment of persons with disabilities, follow up and evaluate their applications, and contribute to the development of a national strategy for the advancement of persons with disabilities in the areas of health, labor, education and others.

- Recommend and adopt the policies, strategies, programs and projects necessary for community and health awareness, to avoid the causes of disability and early detection of it.

- The law obliges all ministries, public bodies, local administration units, and concerned authorities to take into consideration the projects and programs set by the council in the field of disability in cooperation and coordination with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

- Participate in developing national policies, strategic plans, and follow-up and evaluate their applications.

- Expressing opinions on draft laws and resolutions related to the council and its work field. 

- Coordinate with all ministries and concerned authorities in the State to implement the provisions of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2007, submit proposals for amendments in policies, means and programs, and express opinions on any other international agreements that the state acceding or willing to join relating to persons with disabilities.

- Representing persons with disabilities and registering the council in the membership of international forums, conferences and organizations concerned with disability issues, after coordination with the concerned authorities in the


- Conducting conferences, symposia, seminars, training courses and workshops to raise awareness of the role of persons with disabilities in society, their rights and duties.

- Documenting information, data, statistics, studies and research related to disability affairs, cooperate in the preparation of a special database for all categories of persons with disabilities, to facilitate communication between them and the council. This is in coordination with the concerned authorities in the State, and the issuance of bulletins, magazines and publications related to the objectives of the Council and its competencies.

- Preparing sign language studies and accrediting translators.

- Receiving complaints about persons with disabilities and discussing them, proposing appropriate solutions, informing the competent investigating authorities of any violation of the rights of persons with disabilities and pygmies, and intervene in lawsuits with the affected.

- Issuing internal decisions and regulations related to the financial, administrative and technical affairs of the council, without abiding by the governmental rules, approving the annual plans and budget of the council, and considering the development of plans and policies necessary for the investment of the council’s funds.


Council headquarters 

Cairo - 9 Saray El Qobba St. in front of Saray El Qobba Metro Station.


Phone numbers: 24530066 – 24530081

Website: www.ncda.gov.eg

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