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Sisi: Aswan Forum tackled prominent African issues from integrated perspective

Friday، 13 December 2019 - 01:57 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Thursday 12/12/2019 asserted that Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace, Security and Development in Africa tackled the prominent issues of concern to Africa from an integrated perspective between peace and security from one hand and a sustainable and comprehensive development from the other hand.

Addressing the closing session of Aswan Forum, held here for two days, Sisi said the forum organizers were keen on outlining an agenda that expresses the challenges facing the African continent and that the debate sessions witness serious and frank discussions with the aim of further recognizing such challenges and crystallize the efforts needed to find out actual solutions for them.

The president also voiced his thanks and appreciation for the participants and valued their active contributions during the forum's various sessions.

Sisi said the importance of the forum was reflected by the high-level participation of heads of states and governments, foreign ministers, key officials from African countries, international and regional partners and global leading research centers.

He stressed that the first session of the forum contributed to providing new solutions and visions for the problems and challenges of Africa under the principle of “African solutions for Africa’s problems.

Sisi affirmed that Egypt believed that the African countries have political will and wisdom to overcome different challenges.

Sisi added that the two-day forum discussed several issues on peace, security and sustainable development and managed to provide accurate description and analysis for challenges that face Africa and cause obstacles to carry out restructure and development and bring about peace.

President Sisi went on to say that participants in the forum discussed a number of prominent topics, notably conflict prevention, peacekeeping, peace-building and countering extremism, as well as the issues of women and internal displacement.

The President added that the forum probed means of consolidating the national ownership with regard to policy-making and implementing relative programs, while highlighting the vital role that could be played by the Africa Union (AU) on that score.

The president lauded the great attention paid by the forum to supporting the role of African women in bringing about peace, security and development, as well as the role of institutions and private sector companies as an engine for development.

President Sisi noted that the forum provided an ideal opportunity to mull ongoing reforms executed by the UN in the field of peacekeeping and peace-building, in addition to reviewing relevant African initiatives, such as "Silencing the Guns" initiative by 2020, which will be the main theme of the 2020 African Union summit.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said discussing these issues seriously proved the importance of the recommendations reached at the closing of the forum.

These recommendations were materialized in Aswan declaration for sustainable peace and development, which would be seen as a roadmap for the African continent in the coming year, Sisi added.

Sisi voiced his confidence that the African continent was able to tackle the challenges it faced to bring about peace and stability for its people.

He expressed his desire that the coming sessions of the forum to witness such active participation to spur the development cycle, and hasten the economic integration among the African countries. 


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