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President El-Sisi’s Decisions, Messages, to fight Coronavirus, its economic impacts

Monday، 23 March 2020 - 12:00 PM


During the celebration marking the Egyptian Women’s Day held on Sunday 22/3/2020, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi gave many messages and issued serious decisions that represent the plan for combating dangers of the Corona virus, which the president described as the most crisis facing Egypt. President Sisi added that lack of awareness of the virus impact turns the current numbers into thousands.


First: President Sisi's messages concluded in the following

 1- The state has carried out major disinfection operations, whether on the Luxor cruise ship, in many facilities and others.
2-  Citizens should show further discipline and comply by health instruction within the two next weeks, to control coronavirus and limit the normal rate of victims.
3-    In case of non-compliance, the numbers can exceed thousands within a few days.
4- The Quarantine hospital, which is prepared in Matruh city to receive the infected people, is equipped with the highest medical apparatus and mechanisms.
5-   The Medical procedures taken are at the highest medical level in the world.
6-  The statements issued by the government on coronavirus crisis include real figures and reflect the current situation in Egypt.
7- The media dealt professionally during covering the virus crisis and contributed to raising citizens’ awareness.
8-    The state’s strategic stock of food supplies is sufficient for  the citizens’ need.
9-    Some citizens buy more than their needs, and the people should stop such behavior.
10-  The state has taken urgent measures to contain the floods crisis in the affected areas.
11- Thanks to the armed forces and the Ministry of the Interior for their efforts they made during the past crisis, as well as thanks to the Egyptian media.
12- The coming period will witness a major work for purification and sterilization operations carrying out by state institutions to block the virus.
13-   Egyptians must help the state through the most serious crisis.
14-  Adding five allowances due to pensioners by 80% of the basic wage, and the annual periodic allowance for pensions is 14% as of the next fiscal year.
15-  Appreciation for the healthcare system; hospitals, doctors, and nurses: "It is a war, they are its soldiers."
16- Appreciation for the government of its efforts for containing crises and its good handling of the Coronavirus crisis.  


Second: The decisions of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to confront the "Corona" crisis, which came as follows:


1- Directing the Ministry of Finance to allocate LE 100 billion to confront the Corona virus.
 2- Reducing the price of natural gas for industry by $ 4.5.

3- Reducing electricity prices for industry by 10 piasters.

4- Launching the "delinquent clients” initiative for the affected by the tourism sector. 

5- Providing one billion Egyptian pound for exporters during March and April 2020 to pay part of their dues.

6- Lifting administrative reservations on all the financiers who have due payable taxes, for only 10% of their tax due. 

7- Reducing the interest rates at the Central Bank by 3%, while providing credit limits for capital financing, and in particular the salaries of employees.

8- Postponing the credit entitlements of small, medium and micro enterprises for a period of 6 months.

9- Not to apply additional fines or returns on late payment.

10- Studying the sectors most affected by the spread of the Corona virus to provide the necessary support and exempt foreigners from capital gains once and for all.

11- Allocating an amount of 50 billion Egyptian  pounds for real estate financing for middle-income groups through banks.

12- Addressing the tourism financing initiative to include the operation of hotels and financing their current expenses by an amount of  LE 50 billion, in addition to reducing the cost of lending for this initiative to 8%.

13 - Allocating LE 20 billion from the Central Bank to support the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

14- Suspending the Agricultural Land Tax Act for two years.

  Source: Official media

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