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Sisi witnesses inaguration of Bashayer El Khair" housing project

Friday، 22 May 2020 - 12:13 AM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi witnessed on Thursday 21/5/2020 the inauguration of the third stage of the "Bashayer El Khair" housing project in Alexandria.

Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal attended the inauguration ceremony alongside Defense Minister Mohamed Zaki, Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli and a number of ministers and top state officials.

The ceremony started with reciting some verses of Quran and screening a documentary film about the project which aimed at developing slum areas.

Higher Education Minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that  the government's bodies are working in full coordination since the breakout of the coronvirus.

He added that the weekly statements issued by the prime minister are based on data and scientific search at the local and international levels.

He said Egypt is cooperating with a large number of Egyptian scientists abroad under the leadership of Professor Dr. Hesham El Askary, the Director of Computational and Data Science Graduate Programs at Chapman University.

There is a large research group for analyzing satellite pictures, population density and data registered daily by the Health Ministry so that the government would be able to take the proper decisions for handling the crisis, he said.

Minister of Higher Education Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that the movement of the citizens on the roads and gatherings can be detected to take the necessary measures to prevent these gatherings.

Abdel Ghaffar said that a person with coronavirus can infect three others, while there are other diseases where a person can infect 15 others.

The average number of coronavirus cases in Egypt is 1.4, while in other countries this rate reached 3 or 4, he said, adding that the state is seeking to down this rate.

Abdel Ghaffar said that the number of coronavirus will reach 15,000 today and tomorrow, adding that it is expected that the cases would reach 20,000 cases on May 27-28 in line with the data analysis. (MORE) 

During the inauguration of the third stage of the "Bashayer El Khair" housing project in Alexandria Minister of Higher Education Khaled Abdel Ghaffar said that the daily increase rates of the spread of the coronavirus during the April 15-May 20 period is 5% to 5.6%.

He added that there is no need to worry when the daily number of cases become 500, 700, 900 or even 1,000.

Abdel Ghaffar said that having a strong health system helps in predicting the future number of cases.

The government depends on work groups to take the decisions necessary against coronavirus, he said.

He noted the rise in the number of cured cases, applauding the measures taken by the Ministry of Health for patients recovering from the virus.

Minister Abdel Ghaffar said that no country can know for certain all the number of coronavirus cases it has especially if 80% of those contracting the virus do not show symptoms that necessitate going to hospital.

He said the rate of the daily increase of coronavirus cases is 5.5%, adding that it is a safe rate.

He noted that the number of dead cases since the start of the outbreak is 680 which is less than 4.8% of the total number of infected cases.

The Health Ministry is on the frontline in the fight against the virus, he said, pointing out that it is providing 56,000 beds, 5,000 intensive care beds and 2,535 ventilators, while university hospitals are providing 35,000 beds, 3,981 intensive care beds and 2,702 ventilators.

Abdel Ghaffar said that Egyptians should know from now that the number of coronavirus infections could reach a peak of 40,000 cases before the rate takes a downturn until recording zero cases.

There are academics and scientists that work on making statistics and analysis on the virus in Egypt and across the world to help decision-makers have a clear vision and adopt the right policies to confront the crisis, he said.

There is no country protected from the virus, he said, adding that the government is practical and is working hard to manage the crisis by making the best decisions and introducing the right measures.

Meanwhile, Housing Minister Assem el Gazzar reviewed the plan of the state for Alexandria within the framework the comprehensive vision of national development.

He said that Alexandria is the second priority of national development plans after Cairo.

He noted that areas planned to be developed after Alexandria are Ras Sedr, el Tor and the North Coast.
Gazzar reviewed the plan to develop Alexandria by 2032 as the population in the governorate is expected to increase and 325,000 new job opportunities are predicted to be needed.

There are six important priorities in carrying out this plan including achieving a balanced comprehensive economic development, improving contacts between communication systems and the public transportation, safe growth, directing urban growth towards the west, investing in the infrastructure and improving the resources efficiency in addition to active societal participation, Gazzar said.

Housing Minister Assem el Gazzar said that the there are major scientific centers in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria that are capable of leading the knowledge economy.

Speaking during the inauguration of the third stage of the "Bashayer El Khair" housing project in Alexandria governorate in the presence of President Sisi, Gazzar added that the state is working to construct a large number of housing projects in Borg el Arab city.

Gazzar pointed out that his ministry’s approach in Alexandria is to head to the west of the Mediterranean port city, underlining that environment in this area should be well prepared to receive the population densities.

Alexandria possesses the second largest projects of alternative housing for slum areas, Gazzar said, adding that a sum of EGP 11 billion has been allocated by the Slum Development Fund to the housing projects set to replace slum areas in the city, including EGP 3.5 billion that have been spent so far.

There are proposals for implementing ten prioritized development projects in Alexandria, he said, adding that these proposals are currently under careful examination.

The housing minister said that several priorities have been set to identify the activities that can help drive the urban development in this axis, noting that these development projects will be implemented on an area of 513 feddans in addition to 320,000 square meters of acquired lands.

The minister shed light on two ongoing projects that are implemented in cooperation between the Housing Ministry and Public Business Sector Ministry, including a housing project to be established on El-Mahmoudeya canal on an area of 36 feddans at an investment cost of EGP 3 billion.

The second one is a cultural and entertainment project that will be implemented in Moharam Bek area in Alexandria on an area of 15.5 feddans at a cost of EGP 0.5 billion, he said.

Work is underway to plan for a project to be implemented under directives from President Sisi to establish Abu Qir axis which will be 20 kilometers long, he added.

The housing minister said that Abu Qir axis project has been established to link Alexandria desert Road, Agricultural Road and the International Coastal Road as well as al Mahmoudia axis with Abu Qir Port and Montazah. It is a 20 kilometers long project.

Gazzar asserted the importance of this axis, underlining that without which there could never be a project for developing East Alexandria.

Many lands that have joined the urban space in the east of Alexandria are owned by the Awqaf Ministry, he said.

He highlighted “Sawary Project” which is the first to be implemented by the New Urban Communities Authority in Alexandria city, noting that this area was previously used as dump waste sites.

Transport Minister Kamel el Wazir said that the national roads project is being implemented with a total cost of EGP 175 billion covering a length of 7,000 km to expand the main roads network to 30,000 km.

He said that the main network of highways connecting the nation's governorates is being maintained and developed at the cost of EGP 10 billion annually.

He also said that 600 bridges and tunnels were established at the cost of EGP 85 billion in addition to 325 bridges and tunnels that are under construction.

Egypt now stands in the 28th position when it comes to the world road quality standards after it was in the 113th position, he said.

There are a lot of roads that are being developed in the eastern part of Alexandria including Abu Qir axis which links Abu Qir Port with the international coastal road, Gazzar said, highlighting as well the project to upgrade El Raml tram system.

He shed light also on plans to improve roads in the western side of Alexandria.

Transport Minister Kamel el Wazir reviewed the road projects that have been implemented in Alexandria city in addition to the ongoing projects in it.

Speaking during the inauguration of the third stage of the "Bashayer El Khair" housing project in Alexandria in the presence of President Sisi, Wazir said that 65 percent of a 2.3 kilometer long axis has been finalized to link the Taameer “reconstruction axis” of Alexandria Port with the area of gate 54.

The new link to Alexandria port in Nag Esso and Nag Aluminium areas is facing problems with regards to building units that obstruct the completion of the project, he said, adding that 52 residential units that directly hinder the axis project will be relocated to Bashayer El Kheir 3 housing project in cooperation with the Engineering Authority, the Eastern Zone and Alexandria governorate.

Commenting on Wazir’s remarks, President Sisi ordered relocating 700 families living in Nag Esso and 1,300 in Nag Aluminium and pay suitable compensations for the residents.

Afterwards, Wazir shed light on the development of the Taameer (reconstruction) axis which is 35 kilometers long, pointing out that it will replace the International Coastal Road and link together the long major roads that are going through Alexandria.

The first phase of this project will be finalized in the coming fiscal year and the remaining 21 kilometers will be completed in the fiscal year following the next one, he said.

President Sisi called on Wazir to shorten the period needed to finalize the entire project by merging the two stages into one.
The transport minister said that bridges located on the Taameer (reconstruction) axis are in need of a major and rapid renovation process before establishing the axis.

In addition, work is underway to expand the area of Alexandria Port, he said, adding that about 44 feddans have been purchased from several public business sector’s companies and private ones to be added to the port’s area.


Local Development Minister Mahmoud Sharawi said that encroachments on lands increased during the period from 2011 to 2014.

However, upon President Sisi's directives issued during the inauguration of the second phase of Bashayer El Khair project Gheit El Enab district, all land encroachments have been removed and random construction has been banned, the minister added.

In addition, unlicensed buildings along King Mariout lake has been removed, Sharawi noted.

About 133,000 cases of construction violations have been registered from 2011 until December, 2019, he said.

He added that 1,773 violations have been recorded from January 2020 until May, 2020, because the ministry has dealt strictly with these violations since the start of 2020 under directives from President Sisi.

Assistant Chairman of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces Ahmed el Azazi said that all stages of Bashayer El Khair projects targeted establishing 1,500 residential buildings with 80,000 housing units to accommodate up to 400,000 people in addition to commercial facilities built on 650,000 square meters.

Azazi said that in March, 2015 work started in Bashayer El Khair 1 project in Alexandria’s Gheit El Enab district, which he said has become a model to follow in the field of developing slum areas. Then work started in Bashayer El Khair 2 in December 2018, he noted

Bashayer El Khair 3 project in Al Qabbari area is a unique example for social solidarity that tells a remarkable story about the successful cooperation among the state bodies and institutions and dedicated businessmen, he added.

Bashayer El Khair 3 was established on an area of 105 feddans housing 200 buildings with 10,624 fully-furnished residential units to secure decent life to about 50,000 citizens, he underlined.

The project offers many direct and indirect jobs and investment opportunities for the residents of Alexandria because it houses 36 shopping malls with about 936 shops, he said.

The projects will be a home for an investment zone that will be established on an area of 30 feddans, he added.

The assistant chairman of the engineering authority of the Armed Forces said that all untapped open areas located in front of the investment zone in southern the coastal international axis have been counted and study is underway to make the best use of those 30 feddans.

Azazi asserted that this project has been finalized in two and half years, a record rate amid the exceptional circumstances, noting that all precautionary measures were taken to maintain the safety of the manpower working in the project.

Work is underway in Bashayer El Kheir 5 in Al Qabbari area on 90 feddans, he said, adding that it will house 288 residential buildings with 15,200 housing units in addition to 100,000 square meters to be allocated for commercial proposes.

Work has been launched in Bashayer El Kheir 4 in new Rashid city in El Beheira governorate on an area of about 35 feddans. It will group 33 residential buildings and 4,630 housing units.

The assistant chairman of the engineering authority of the Armed Forces said that in May 6, President Sisi gave the go-ahead for implementing Al Amal city project on an area of 270 feddans.

Alexandria governorate and Banque Misr donated 270 feddans for Bashayer El Kheir housing project, he said.

He said that Al Amal city will include 851 residential buildings with 44,500 housing units, underlining that it will be the home for Bashayer El Kheir 6, 7 and 8 which will be implemented over 130 feddans and will house 4,622 residential buildings and 24,000 housing units.

He noted that work is also underway in full swing on other projects, he said, citing Mahmoudia axis project which he said will place Alexandria city on the map of the comprehensive and sustainable development.

Work launched in this free axis in April, 2018, he said.

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