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History of Hieroglyphics

Thursday، 28 May 2020 - 08:48 PM

Hieroglyphics, it is known that the ancient Pharaohs or Egyptians used hieroglyphics as a means of communication and documentation of many events, and this language is still written on many of the archaeological monuments in Egypt, and learning this language helps to understand, and thus contributes to the decoding and knowledge of many secrets Ancient Pharaonic civilization, and explain more details about the hieroglyphics as follows:

History of hieroglyphics

Egyptian hieroglyphs are one of the oldest writing systems in the world, dating back to about 5200 years, and hieroglyphs, known in ancient Egypt as (the language of the gods), which was said to be the creation of the god of knowledge Thoth, were essential in fulfilling royal duties and used by powerful pharaohs and their writers to record The achievements of their reign.

On the basis of ancient texts, scholars divide the history of the ancient Egyptian language into five periods:

Ancient Egyptian (from 3000 to about 2200 BC)

Middle Egypt (2200 to 1600 BC)

Late Egyptians (1550 to about 700 BC)

Demotic (about 700 BC to 400 AD)

Coptic (at least the second century until the seventeenth century)

These language periods refer only to written language, which was very different from spoken dialects, Coptic language is still in ecclesiastical use (besides Arabic) among Arabic-speaking Christians of Egypt, and today, there are still millions of hieroglyphs in the sacred texts, and the sarcophagus , And tombs, and monuments, they are archaeological monuments of an ancient civilized age.

After the Roman Empire began its rule of the Egyptian nation, hieroglyphs began to fade from popular use, and by the fourth century AD, Egypt had converted to Christianity and briefly adopted the Greek alphabet and Coptic texts.

Hieroglyphics were unreadable or comprehensible for 1,400 years, until French scholar Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the Rosetta Stone in 1822, and it took twenty years until the Rosetta Stone was deciphered after its discovery during Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1799.

The hieroglyphic language or ancient Egyptian writing system is a pictorial text with a huge number of symbols and letters: 24 of them mean what can be recognized as letters, while others symbolize words or a set of consonants.

Learning hieroglyphs helps to understand the writings and texts on ancient Egyptian antiquities, and to be able to read this hieroglyphics can be used some of the electronic sources described below:

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Pyramid Texts: Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs


The Ministry of Antiquities launched the first activities of the program "Ancient Egyptian Writing", which is organized within the initiative launched by the ministry last year on World Museums Day in cooperation with the libraries of the Egyptian Society for Culture and Community Development;

Director General of the Cultural Development and Community Communication Department at the Ministry of Antiquities Dr. Rasha Kamal,, explained that the program includes a series of seminars on the ancient Egyptian language, especially hieroglyphs, and a workshop on children writing their names in hieroglyphs in cartridges such as kings, in addition to organizing a program on sports through the ages, to keep up with To host Egypt's African Nations Cup, which includes a seminar on sports in Egypt through the ages.

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