10 August 2022 06:21 PM

Sisi calls for bold diplomatic moves to settle Ethiopia's dam crisis

Saturday، 20 June 2020 - 09:16 PM


The Egyptian move to refer Ethiopia's dam issue to the UN Security Council demonstrates the state's constant desire to pursue diplomacy until the very last chance to resolve the crisis, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Saturday.

Addressing the Ethiopian people in a speech after touring the Sidi Barrani base of the Western Military Zone, Sisi referred to his speech before the Ethiopian parliament in 2015 when he acknowledged The Ethiopian right to achieve development without harming Egypt's water interests.

We have set a rule for each of us: There should be neither harm nor malice, and I hope the Ethiopian people and their leadership will understand this message, the president said.

Highlighting the Egyptian people's concern over the deadlocked dam talks, Sisi asserted the need to make bold moves to resume negotiations and reach a settlement that reflects the wise approach adopted by Egypt as a rational state to handle its crises in such a manner that achieves the interests of all the parties involved.


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