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Speech by by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi at the Western Military Zone

Tuesday، 23 June 2020 - 01:39 AM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful

Commanders, Officers, and Soldiers… Heroes of the Armed Forces and Protectors of Egypt’s Western Gate,

Brothers and Sons of the Western Zone Tribes,

It gives me a great pleasure to meet you today to extend to all of you with profound pride my sincere appreciation of your ongoing efforts and to value your heroic role to secure and protect the western gate to our national security that is undoubtedly considered an indispensable part of the safety and security of our Arab nation on one hand and that of our immediate neighboring sisterly countries on the other.

   Being with you today assured me, leaving no room to doubts, of your high combat readiness and robust capabilities that stand as a source of pride and honour for me and for the great Egyptian people; we all take pride in the unprecedented levels of combat preparedness our Armed Forces attained not to mention the highly sophisticated weapons systems the Egyptian military has and its hi-tech combat equipment that maximizes its military might and renders it capable of accomplishing any missions it is assigned with to protect our country, secure our people, safeguard our destiny and preserve our homeland against all challenges and threats that aim at destabilizing the safety and security of our nation by attempting to approach its land, sea and air borders.  

Upgrading the combat readiness of our Armed forces has become necessary and inevitable in light of the state of instability and turbulence engulfing our region and consequently making it hard, or rather impossible, to create a climate conducive to the success of efforts exerted to realize stability, security and cooperation that are prerequisites for creating the appropriate environment responsive to the aspirations of development away from bloody conflicts that destroy precious lives, lead to more bloodshed, devastate peoples’ destiny and open doors wide for illegitimate foreign intervention that undermines the possibility of achieving sustainable peace. Furthermore, these bloody conflicts deplete nations’ wealth and resources, waste their capabilities and ferociously act as a breeding ground for terrorist militias seeking to disseminate their extremist ideologies and fuelling violence and terrorism so as to give rise to more and more cross-border challenges and phenomena, namely illegal immigration and all dangerous forms of organized crime including arms smuggling as well as drug and human trafficking.

It goes without saying that the Libyan crisis at our borders stands as the most vivid embodiment and the clearest evidence in this regard. Since the onset of this crisis over almost a decade, Egypt has repeatedly warned against the escalation of the crisis and the aggravation of the whole situation. Since the beginning and up till now, Egypt has been so keen to support all efforts exerted to reach a comprehensive settlement and guarantee a rapid restoration of security and stability in Libya, being part and parcel of security and stability in Egypt.

Since the beginning of the Libyan crisis, Egypt has adopted such a firm strategic position that calls for the necessity of reaching a comprehensive settlement that safeguards sovereignty, national and regional unity and territorial integrity of Libya; a comprehensive settlement that paves the way for restoring and entrenching the pillars of the national Libyan institutions and gives priority to eliminating terrorism, preventing the alarming spread of criminal groups and extremist militias and putting an end to illegitimate foreign intervention that aggravates the security situation not only in Libya but also in neighboring countries, thus posing a serious threat to regional and international security not to mention its devastating role of creating more hotbeds of terrorism in the whole region. The Egyptian approach towards the Libyan crisis constantly asserts the inevitability of preserving the Libyan wealth, ensuring the fair distribution of its resources, preventing any terrorist group from gaining control of the Libyan assets and resources and enabling all categories of the Libyan people to participate and contribute to shaping their country’s future, making an optimal use of its wealth and determining its destiny.      

On the basis of these well-established strategic parameters, Egypt has adopted a multi-track approach over the past years, including: full support and respect for all UN Security Council efforts and Resolutions. Moreover, it has fully cooperated with Special Representatives of the UN Secretary-General, the last of which is Ghassan Salame, as well as with the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

Distinctively associated with the genuine historic and civilizational relations, the exclusively trans-borders deep-rooted Egyptian-Libyan ties, and the authentic geographical and strategic interconnection uninterrupted by any external intervention, the Egyptian support to the Libyan people has been demonstrated in holding several meetings. Such gatherings brought together all brackets of the Libyan people from all regions in Cairo in the framework of exerted efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement unanimously agreed upon by the Libyan parties. Furthermore, they aim at the unification of national institutions, especially the military one, against the domination of extremist armed militias or any interest or discredited objectives of vicious intervention of external elements, groups or countries in the Libyan affair. These xeno-intervened parties adopt stances and policies serving the selfish destabilizing trends, goals and projects through violating the sovereignty of the Arab states and the laws, rules, customs and international resolutions. Moreover, they contribute to the deployment of terrorist militias and elements to provide fertile breeding hotbeds for terrorism and entrench new havens for violence in the region, threatening regional and international peace and security.

Unceasingly, there is an obviously active Egyptian participation in backing up all regional and international initiatives proposed for the comprehensive political settlement of the Libyan crisis. Thus, Egypt has always been present and supportive of peace efforts; it has co-attended the meetings of the parties to the conflict in Abu Dhabi, Paris, Palermo, Moscow and the Berlin Conference. Additionally, it has maintained regular concerted efforts with the brothers from neighboring states, whether the Arab ones such as Tunisia and Algeria, where it supports the Skhirat agreement signed under the supervision of the Moroccan brothers, or the African consolidated efforts made through the African High-level Committee. It also has maintained strenuous efforts within the framework of international and regional forums, particularly the Arab League (AL) and the European Union (EU).

Within this context and with the latest developments that alert the escalation of risks and threats, not only for the future of Libya by allowing the armed militia, with the support of external forces, to represent a hostile alliance to our brethrens in Libya and their national ability, but also its extension to neighboring countries and threatening their citizens and regional security, not to mention its extension to the European continent as well as its threaten to the international peace and security.

The Libyan-Libyan Cairo Declaration Initiative, which came in consistent with all international resolutions and initiatives, especially with the efforts of the United Nations and the outputs of the Berlin Conference, which primarily aimed at realizing the will and aspirations of all Libyans in determining the future of their state and managing its capabilities for the benefit of all Libyan people, laying down a road map for a rapid restoration to the pillars of the national institutions of the Libyan state by restoring the security and stability through an immediate cease-fire on the lines on which the parties are currently present, in addition to the withdrawal of all foreign powers with their weapons and mercenaries from the Libyan lands, the disband of the armed militias and handing their weapons to the national army, and pushing forward the military security track negotiations (5 + 5).

Despite the support of the moderate Libyan force and the regional and international parties, yet the control of the external forces which strongly support the extremist and mercenary militias over the decision of one of the parties to the conflict did not allow the cease-fire decision to be implemented, but rather continued violating the international resolutions and the sovereignty of the Libyan state through transferring arms and mercenaries, and sending hostile messages to neighboring countries, which was recorded by UN reports and international parties monitoring the Libyan borders.

In addition to the readiness of the militias and mercenaries, through the orders and support of the leaders of external forces, which are known to everyone after being mentioned in the media, to directly control the possessions of the Libyan people and its progress eastwards to threaten our western borders and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Fellow Leaders, Sons from Officers and Soldiers and Brothers from Tribes

Today, we are at a milestone; direct threats are established on our borders that require joining hands and cooperation, not just between each other, but also with our brothers from Libyan people and friendly powers to defend our countries and our peoples’ destinies against the aggression by terrorist armed militias and mercenaries. This is done with full support of powers that depend on tools of military force in order to achieve their expansionist ambitions at the expense of Arab national security and our countries’ national sovereignty under full vision of the international community that still do not have the political will to stop these aggressions.

Any direct intervention by Egypt in Libya now has international legitimacy, either within the framework of the UN Charter (Right to self-defense), or according to the only Libyan elected legitimate authority (Parliament). The targets of this intervention will be as follows:

First: Protecting and securing the western borders of the State with its strategic depths from the threats of terrorist militias and mercenaries.

Second: The quick support of restoring security and stability in Libya as part and parcel of Egypt’s security and stability as well as the Arab national security.

Third: Stopping the bloodshed of sons of Libyan people eastwards and westwards in order to create conditions to ceasefire and to prevent any of the parties from circumventing the current conditions.

Fourth: Immediate ceasefire.

Fifth: Launching negotiations of the comprehensive political settlement process under UN auspices and according to the outcomes of Berlin International Conference on Libya and as a practical application to the Cairo Declaration initiative.

Our Fellow Leaders, Sons from Officers and Soldiers and Our Tribes’ Brothers,

Great Egypt with its people and army has never been a proponent of aggression or attack on lands and destinies of any country. However, it worked on protecting and securing its borders and its vital areas as well as presenting support for brothers in the Arab countries out of the fact that the Egyptian national security is an integral part of the Arab national security. Moreover, the security and stability of the Egyptian State is closely linked to the immediate neighboring countries’ security and stability.

Egypt with its great people and its powerful army has been seeking for peace and calling for the settlement of all the crisis through political ways that meet the will and ambitions of powers and peoples in addition to respecting laws, rules and international legislative resolutions. However, this does not mean to surrender and negotiate with the enemy force, terrorist militias and mercenaries who were brought to threaten the regional and international security and peace. It means providing support for brothers when they need it to face the foreign threats.

May God help us for the welfare of our great country and people as well as the people of our Arab Nation, and to protect our national security and that of our Libyan brothers from the criminality of the mercenaries groups that are supported by the hostile power who endeavor to regain the influence from the past .They detest wealth, security, and stability for us. We warn them against threatening international security and peace.

Long live Egypt secure and stable forever, long live the brave army victorious and loyally serving as the unstinting fence and the protective shield for the sake of the country’s security and stability.

Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings Be upon You


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