25 November 2020 04:06 AM

Statement by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on the 7th Anniversary of June 30 Revolution

Friday، 03 July 2020 - 01:21 PM

The Great Egyptian People,

The Honorable Egyptian People,

Today, we celebrate the 7th anniversary of June 30, 2013 Revolution; this glorious revolution was undoubtedly a vivid embodiment of an immortal epic of the heroic Egyptian people who proudly rose up, showing unwavering determination to safeguard the identity of their beloved homeland, thus proving by their strong will that when peoples rise up, no obstacle can ever stop them, block their path or hinder their revolution.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With great astonishment and genuine admiration, the whole world closely followed us while triggering the first spark of our blessed revolution that foiled all evil attempts and aborted all devilish plots that desperately targeted the obliteration of the national identity. Those evil forces and whoever supported their evil schemes imagined that Egypt has become in their possession and only for them to the exclusion of all sons of the nation; they deluded themselves into thinking that their goals have eventually become within reach. Henceforth, millions of Egyptians firmly decided without a second thought to took to the streets to strongly reject all evil attempts of hijacking their country that was then taken over and ruled by those who are totally ignorant of the genuine value and astonishing grandeur of Egypt.

Amidst those turbulent events, the Armed Forces were closely following up and monitoring the demands of the great Egyptian masses. The Armed Forces, being always the safe haven for all Egyptians to resort to and seek support and based on the Armed Forces’ historic constants, deep faith and firm conviction, decided without a second thought to side with the free national will; they made their historic decision with the participation of a wide spectrum of various political forces and currents to create a future roadmap for the Egyptian State to follow so as to navigate through turbulent waters and crashing waves of chaos and mess in pursuit of eventually reaching the safe harbor.

The Great Egyptian People,

We consider our current reality as one new episode in the series of inter-connected historic events; monitoring the emerging developments and renewed challenges. Thus, we are striving to develop and change this reality to be satisfied and proud, bearing in mind that Egypt is able to provide a dignified life for its sons and coming generations, while recognizing the rapid contemporary variables and new issues of concern.

We have been aware from the very first instant of the glorious June 30 Revolution that we would be engaged in violent confrontations with a traitorous international terrorist organization disregarding the sanctity of life or blood. Therefore, the threat of terrorism is at the top of the challenges encountered over the past years, whereas evildoers have sought to intimidate the Egyptian peaceful people and have created a state of chaotic anarchy through armed violence in a desperate attempt to restore their rule. Henceforth, the heroic Egyptian people have demonstrated endurance and fortitude by supporting the brave personnel of the Armed Forces and the loyal policemen who have added a new epic of heroism and redemption. During the past seven years, they have been able to eradicate the infrastructure of those criminal elements. On this occasion, in the name of all Egyptian people, I would express my greetings and appreciation to the souls of our faithful martyrs, who spilled their noble blood for the sake of the sacred territory of Egypt.

Brothers and Sisters… Sons of Egypt,

The June 30 Revolution was not just a popular uprising against a regime that people are not satisfied with, but rather was a change in the path of a nation that possesses a great balance of glory, a unique history of civilization and a great place among other nations. Thus, it looks forward towards restoring Egypt’s glorious history and assuming the deserved position. Thereupon, the economic reforms came as a serious stand with oneself, where we confronted ourselves with the reality of our economic situation and found that we have no way but to move forward in this difficult path by adopting a set of radical economic measures mainly based on rebuilding the national economy. But for the endurance of the people and their confidence in themselves and their leadership, these economic measures would have never paid off. In this respect, we have realized several achievements that have been testified by the whole world, and the great people of Egypt have proven that they have the strength of will and the firmness of determination to move forward, surpassing all difficulties and challenges.I assure you that Egypt appreciates the sacrifices made by the great Egyptian people. Furthermore, we continue in working on reformation and development, being conscious of the importance of facing the protracted crises.  Today, we are going through a new challenge in facing the Coronavirus pandemic that affects the whole humanity.Frankly speaking, the Egyptian people have the right to be proud of the sacrifices of their loyal sons of the medical staff and personnel who manage the health sector to control Corona virus and its repercussions. Undoubtedly, this outstanding stance proves the uniqueness and tenacity of the Egyptian people and the strength of the state’s institutional capacity. Such institutions are striving to bring about the balance between protecting citizens from the virus and continuing the turnover of production and development.

The Great Egyptian People,

The future of homelands is not built by wishful thinking and lofty rhetoric. Perhaps, you may realize that Egypt’s national security is closely connected to its regional security; it is not bounded by the political borders, yet it outreaches each and every place that may negatively affect its historic rights. It is no secret that we live amidst an extremely troubled region. Moreover, entanglements and balances in international and regional interests in this region make it hard for any country to be isolated within its borders, waiting for the repercussions resulting from the surrounding conditions. Hence, Egypt’s anticipation of the magnitude of risks and challenges that probably amount to real threats, requires a determinant response in a way that preserves security and stability to Egypt and people. Despite Egypt possesses a comprehensive and effective capability in its regional environs, yet it always opts for peace. Its hands are extended to all with goodness and cooperation; it does not assault or interfere in internal affairs of any country. However, in the same time, it takes necessary procedures that preserve its national security. This is Egypt’s policy that is based on honor in all its relationships without compromising its rights.

The Great Egyptian People,

To conclude, we are fully confident that, with the strong determination and by Allah’s Will, we are able to achieve our great vision outlined for our precious homeland in the future. I also assure our great people that we are moving forward with our covenant to protect our homeland and renewing our promise that we never give up any of its rights.

Once again, I extendto all of you my greetings and appreciation,

Many Happy Returns of the Day…Long Live Egypt Safe and Prosperous

Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt… Long Live Egypt

Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings Be upon You

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