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“Tahya Misr Fund” through 6 years of President Sisi

Tuesday، 14 July 2020 - 03:26 PM
Tahya Misr Fund

Tahya Misr Fund was established to implement development projects aimed at making  radical solutions to social issues and phenomena that affect the lives of large cohorts of Egyptians, such as treatment of C virus patients. The Fund was established by the initiative of the President to spread the spirit of cooperation and participation among compatriots, and Republican decree No. 139 of 2014, which was amended by decree No. 84 of 2015.

The Fund provides  its activities through six pivots  (health care, social support, urban development, economic empowerment, education and training support, and disaster and crisis response), and through these pivots the Fund presented during 6 years an integrated set of projects clarified below:


First: health care programs

 In this pivot, the Fund raises the slogan: “Who has health possesses hope, and who has hope possesses everything”, so health care obtained a large share of the Fund’s projects through the following projects:



C virus control and treatment project

The importance of this program is evident due to the amount of the infection, which is estimated at 7% of the population, in addition to 150,000 new patients annually.

The Fund provided therapeutic doses to approximately 360,000 citizens for free, and succeeded in eliminating waiting lists for patients, with a medical survey of 1.2 million citizens.

The Fund aims to reach the low global rates of HIV infection and implementing awareness-raising programs to prevent the outbreaks of the disease.

On the other hand, the Fund provided support to the Tahya Misr Fund Center for treating liver disease for free in Luxor, it is considered the first therapeutic and research center in the Middle East to combat the C virus. The Fund provides detection and treatment for those who are not able in the governorates of South Upper Egypt for free, providing treatment to 17200 patients until Now, with a medical survey of 177,000 citizens.

Children's incubators project in Luxor

The number of premature children in Egypt is about 100,000 a year, and the death rate is approximately 2% due to the lack of incubators, especially in the Upper Egypt governorates, so the Fund provided 564 incubators  for premature children.


The "Nour Haya" initiative

The program aims to combat blindness  and impairment through early diagnosis and treatment, and to ensure that the patient gets an integrated medical service, to perform the necessary surgical interventions, to ensure the improvement of the efficiency of ophthalmology service for the neediest categories of care.

President Sisi launched the program in January 2019, and the medical survey was conducted for 5 million primary school pupils, and the survey is expected to result in one million cases requiring eyeglasses, which will be provided by the Fund in full to avoid complications of poor vision.

A plan was made to conduct a medical survey on 2 million citizens nationwide through 16 medical convoys per week for a period of 3 years, in addition to conducting 200 thousand cataract surgeries through 20 specialized hospitals, and providing 500 thousand medical glasses.

The Fund began implementing the plan in February 2019, and it succeeded in providing distinguished medical services to 165,000 citizens from the neediest categories of care, and 880,000 pupils in the primary stage, and 13, 594 cataract operations were performed, providing 95, 457 eyeglasses for adults, disbursing medicine to 76,490 cases, and 90,847 glasses were delivered to primary school students, as part of the first phase of the initiative, which included 18 governorates: Suez, Ismailia, Eastern, Dakahlia, Gharbia, Qalyubiya, Menoufia, Fayoum, Minya, Beni Suef, Giza, Damietta, Port Said, Matrouh, Kafr El Sheikh, Alexandria, Assiut, and Sohag.


"We are all beside you" initiative

The Fund provided 100 renal dialysis machines, to serve 700,000 patients annually, as part of the initiative We are all beside you, in implementation of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s mandate within the fund assist to the state, replace and renew the system of caring for kidney failure patients at the republic level.


Second: the social support program

Since its establishment, by providing material and moral support to most of the needy, the Fund has given priority to preserving the family structure and eliminating social phenomena that have troubled society for many years.

The past five years have witnessed a great diversification in the Fund's projects targeting social support for the neediest families of care.

National project for homeless children protection "We are with you"

The project offers rations and rehabilitation services to integrate children with their families or with social welfare homes.

The program that the “Tahya Misr Fund” participates in, with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, witnessed remarkable success, as the number of beneficiaries of the program by the end of 2019 reached 23 thousand children, including 6029 homeless children, 12,983 children working on the street, and 3,891 children were reintegrated with their families again.

During 2019, the space of the work of the mobile units of the program was expanded to include 14 governorates instead of 10 governorates.

"Dokan Al Farha" initiative

The Fund launched the initiative to work on two aspects, the first includes organizing exhibitions of new clothes within public universities and orphanages, to support students had social studies in coordination with the student welfare departments in each university.

The Fund distributed about 250,000 clothing items that benefited about 80 thousand citizens through exhibitions organized by the Fund in the universities of Minya, South Valley, Alexandria, Ain Shams, Damietta, and Sohag, in addition to distributing new clothes to the the neediest families in Cairo, Giza, Eastern, Luxor, and Bahariya Oasis, Gharbia, Qalyubiya, and Assiut.

The second part of the initiative was directed to supply the the neediest brides to provide marriage facilities for girls, 250 brides were handed over marriage facilities as part of the initiative, with the participation of a large number of art, media and fashion stars to share the joys of girls receiving the supplies.

Egypt's initiative without debtors

The presidential initiative prisons without debtors, as a lifeline for thousands of fathers and mothers who were unable to pay their obligations towards their families. The initiative witnessed active participation from the Fund by releasing 6 thousand male and female debtors, with the participation of the Fund in the amount of 38 million pounds.

 “Bel Hana w Al Shifa” Initiative

The initiative aims to provide foodstuffs to the neediest groups in villages of Egypt for free, in order to reduce the burden of living, where convoys are organized around all governorates of Egypt, in order to deliver the foodstuffs, in cooperation with community institutions, the Fund distributed foodstuffs to nearly 5 million citizens within the initiative, in addition to 1,000 tons of meat in coordination with the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia, and about half a million citizens have benefited from it so far.

”Ataa” Fund

The Fund participated in the establishment of the first charitable investment Fund under the name "Ataa" with a contribution of 80 million pounds, to allocate its revenues in providing sustainable financing for the care of people with special needs in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, provision of prosthetic devices, education, skills needed to find job opportunities, community integration, and the different programs that support them.

 Third: Urban development program

The program aims to assist state institutions in providing adequate and integrated housing for residents of slums and most needy villages, and to improve the social and living standard of its citizens.

Raising efficiency of poor  houses project

The project targets the poorest villages around the Republic to provide adequate housing for citizens, so the Fund implemented this in 332 of the poorest villages, in implementation of the initiative of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, construction and completion of the efficiency of 10 thousand destroyed houses were completed, as well as the implementation of integrated development projects for 3 of the poorest villages in the Tahta Center in Sohag Governorate, which are : (Sheikh Zain Al-Din - Al-Salem - Arab Bakhawaj) with the aim of bringing integrated development in the target village, through the implementation of 23 development interventions in the areas of (housing - health - education and training - social solidarity - Sports services - economic empowerment - veterinary services), which are reflected in improving the quality of life for villagers.

 Tahya Misr city project “Asmarat neighborhood”

The project aimed to provide a safe alternative housing for residents of life-threatening areas in Cairo with new integrated urban community with facilities and services.

Tahya Misr Fund contributed to the birth of the city in Al-Asmarat neighborhood in Muqattam, at a cost of one billion pounds, to improve  the life of more than 80 thousand citizens within an integrated city, which includes 429 buildings that accommodate 18 thousand residential units, 281 commercial units and dozens of service and entertainment areas, in addition to the partnership of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in establishing the youth city in Asmarat.


The Fund also participated in the furnishing of 9,000 units in in Asmarat, Al-Mahrousa neighborhood, and Sayyida Zainab, to accommodate families transferred from life-threatening areas such as Al-Muqattam, Monshaat Nasser, Ezbet Khairallah and Tal Al-Aqrab.

The Fund also implemented a project to replace and renew housing in the Al-Assal area of Shubra district, at a cost of 91 million pounds, to rehabilitate 123 destroyed homes in addition to 48 commercial stores, as well as improving the sewage network and civilizational coordination work that included building a market to accommodate street vendors in 41 stores.

Bshayer Al Khier - Alexandria

The participation of Tahya Misr Fund in the construction of Bshayer Al Khier cities, came to lift the suffering of the residents of the informal and unplanned areas of Alexandria Governorate, the beginning was from the area of Gheit Al-Enab, in their places without transporting them, through the application of the concept of replacement and renewal, it is considered an ideal model for the meaning of urban development with a contribution The amount of 809 million pounds.

Nasr El-Nuba development projects

In the southern part of Egypt, Tahya Misr Fund and the Ministry of Planning participated in the implementation of the development projects of Nasr El-Noba Center in Aswan and the rest of the governorate centers, where the development plan included 14 projects in the various urban development areas: 4 projects in the housing sector, 3 projects in the health care sector, and two projects for drinking water, two sanitation projects, two civil protection projects, and a youth and sports project.

 Developing Al-Assal district, Shubra

Tahya Misr Fund had the lead in developing the first slum area of private properties in the Al-Asal district , which is one of the largest unplanned areas in Cairo Governorate, by signing a cooperation agreement with Cairo Governorate.

The Fund implemented a project to replace and renew the housing of the area at a cost of 91 million pounds to rehabilitate 123 dilapidated house in addition to 48 shops, as well as the promotion of the sewage network and civilizational coordination work that included building a market to accommodate street vendors in 41 stores.

Sinai development projects

Engineering projects vary in the Al-Arish Triangle - Rafah - Sheikh Zuwaid through the work of raising the efficiency of roads, schools, electricity, sewage networks, and wells, in addition to developing Al-Arish public Hospital by establishing many medical and treatment departments.

Fourth: The Economic Empowerment Program

Small and medium enterprises play a major role in economy’s development, especially in light of its main role in combating poverty and unemployment indicators.

Tahya Misr Fund  concerned, since its inception, with economic empowerment programs through the following projects:

women heads of households’ support project

This interest was embodied in the "Mastourah" program to support the women heads of households, and through a cooperation protocol with Nasser Social Bank, the Fund provided a revolving loan in the form of production tools for the breadwinner, to enable her to implement a micro-project and provide her with steady income to care for her family.

The Fund  was able to intensify the program’s activity, to help more than 19500 beneficiaries with funding exceeding 325 million pounds, including projects at the highest levels, where the program was able to provide funding for single women in Halaib, Shalatin and Abu Ramad, in addition to allocating projects for those with disabilities.

The Fund also continued to support the female breadwinners through a project to finance women in the Nasser facility, which is to be moved to the Asmarat neighborhood, as the number of beneficiaries of this project reached 2492 women, with funding close to 7 million pounds.

 Refrigerated vehicle distribution project

At the level of youth empowerment, the Fund succeeded in providing a flexible mechanism for financing regular and refrigerated transport projects for about 1,250 young people.

The Fund  also created job opportunities for 1,000 young people through a project to provide 1,000 taxis for young people in ten governorates, with funding of 79 million pounds.

1000 taxi distribution project

1000 job opportunities were created for young people through the distribution of 1000 taxis in 10 targeted governorates, at a total cost of 80 million pounds.

Fifth: The Education Program

Support Zewail University of Science and Technology

In the context of keeping abreast of all scientific and technological developments, Tahya Misr Fund continued to support the educational process by opening a sub account in the name of Zewail University of Science and Technology in all Egyptian banks, along with allocating 410 million EGP to complete the university’s needs.

The "Teachers" first initiative

The Fund also participated with the Ministry of Education to implement the teachers program first, at the level of 27 governorates, with 60 million pounds finance to train ten thousand teachers to achieve the maximum benefit from science and knowledge.

Youth Leadership Rehabilitation Project

The Fund supports the presidential program to qualify young people to leadership, as the graduate of the program gets a professional academic certificate after passing the various stages of the program, which include three main axes (political science and strategy / administrative science and leadership / social and human sciences) and this includes sports, cultural and artistic activities at a cost of 114 million, The number of beneficiaries is 1500 youth.

 Sixth: Disaster and Crisis Response Program

 The "let’s share to Pass the Crisis" initiative

The Fund participates in facing the repercussions of the emerging Corona Virus pandemic through the " let’s share to Pass the Crisis" initiative to assist the state in facing the pandemic, through two pivots  of the initiative, which are supporting the medical sector with equipment and supplies for isolation hospitals, fevers and chest, as well as providing antiseptics and detergents to citizens, in addition to the neediest Families of Care and irregular employment.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the initiative has succeeded in providing 200 ventilators, 1,000 critical-injection fluid pumps, as well as 311,000 face masks, 15,000 N95 masks, detergents, 20,000 sterilization packages, 1,000 virus detectors, and 25 sterilization gates provided to government agencies that are in great demand of citizens.


Facing flood crises

The project of developing agricultural drainage and relief for the afflicted from floods in 2016 in Alexandria and Beheira governorates, is an embodiment of the pivotal role that the Fund played at that time to support the state.

About one billion pounds were contributed to finance these projects in a manner that is a guarantee that this crisis will not recur, as well as the Fund's contributions to preventing the causes of emergence of the black cloud as the Fund bear the interests of loans granted to agricultural waste collection operators in all governorates.

At the level of the 2020 floods crisis, 100 million pounds were allocated to face the repercussions of the recent floods that the country was exposed to at the beginning of this year, relief for the affected people, as well as the reconstruction of the affected villages, as well as the distribution of 20,000 blankets and quilts to protect families from the cold of winter in such circumstances.

Fighting the black cloud

Tahya Misr Fund has borne the interest of the loans granted to all agricultural waste collectors to protect the environment from the phenomenon of black cloud.


Seventh: social responsibility Partnership


The Fund has been keen to support its partnership with the private sector, banks, businessmen and civil society organizations, as the Fund's partnership with civil society has extended to 97 major institutions and 423 grassroots associations, bringing the total number of institutions that participated with the Fund in its various development activities to 520 institutions of all sizes.

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