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Arab Youth Consultation Initiative 2020

Saturday، 25 July 2020 - 04:38 PM

Arab Youth Consultation Initiative 2020 is launched by Minister of Youth and Sports, Head of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Youth and Sports Ministers. The activities implemented by the Youth Ministry through visual communication technology under the motto “Networking Youth Visions for the Future” in collaboration with the League of Arab States through the central management of cultural and voluntary programs from July 20 to 23, 2020.

The Initiative activities 
20 July,2020

The Arab youth participating in the consultations shared youth experiences, discussed the challenges and obstacles for young people, and offered many youth visions that deal with youth development in the face of the corona pandemic and beyond.

Participants in the Initiative 

The 2020 activities from July 20 thru 21, grouped 36 participants from 11 Arab countries, namely: Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Libya, UAE, Tunisia, Sudan, and Egypt.

The activities of the second day
21 July, 2020

The activities of the second day of the Arab youth consultations were attended by Adviser Abdel Moneim El Shaery – Minister Minister for the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the League of the Arab States, Professor Najwa Salah – Head of the Central Department for Cultural and Volunteer Programs in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Dr . Mahmoud Hassan – Member of the Technical Secretariat of the Youth Committee of the Youth Committee in Arab Sports, Dr. Alaa El-Din El-Desouky – Director General for Cultural and Artistic Programs at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the activities were led by Dr. Abdullah Al-Batish – General Coordinator for Arab youth consultations in the Ministry of Youth and Sports – moderated.

During the second day’s activities, people in the Arab world shared visions with the Arab youth consultations

Recommendations of the Arab youth participants 

The Ministry of Youth and Sports wrapped up activities of the first edition of the initiative, held via video conference from July 20 till 23, in cooperation with the Arab League (AL)

Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhi hailed the recommendations of the Arab Youth Consultation Initiative 2020, aiming at empowering the Arab youth.

The initiative included recommendations of the Arab youth participants on the future of youth activities and trends in light of the global outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

The recommendations emerged from positive and professional brainstorming, Sobhi said, adding that he supported all these outcomes by sending them to the executive council of the Arab ministers of youth and sports to be implemented.

Sobhi urged the Arab youth and sports ministers to continue such consultations, noting that Egypt is ready to organize and host such activities in the future.

The sports minister explained that the initiative represents a form of investment in youth, noting that it goes in line with the goals of sustainable development, as well as youth and sports policies approved by the Arab Youth and Sports Ministers Council in its 39th session.

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