25 September 2020 06:44 PM

Sisi: National projects aim to serve people's interests, not to pressure them

Wednesday، 16 September 2020 - 04:31 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Wednesday the national projects and the achievements being made by the State don’t aim to put pressure on the Egyptian people as repeated by some skeptics, but rather to serve the people's national interests.

Each achievement made by the State is faced by those skeptics who keep repeating such rumors and "will remain so until we overcome the crisis," Sisi said during the inauguration of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology in Alexandria.
When the New Suez Canal was being constructed, we have experienced a severe criticism, but the project has actually been implemented, the president said, stressing that the State will continue carrying out the projects that serve the people and achieve their aspirations.
Meanwhile, Sisi said Egypt has been included in the global education ranking for the first time after long years, although citizens had a state of worry and did not believe that such an achievement would be realized.
The program we have achieved as a country with regard to education, whether it is basic or university education, is still in its early stages until now, the president added.

President Sisi said the new system applied in education and exams correction will have a great effect on reducing the human element, noting some 30,000 exam-related grievances have been filed this year.
In the new system, there will be no grievances or skepticim; as the human element will have been reduced, he added.
The president noted that students, according to the new system, shall be able to retake their final high school exams (Thanaweya Amma) once, twice and thrice, with the highest grades to be registered.
This will help our students get more than one opportunity to improve their grades; which would in turn facilitate matters for students and their families, Sisi said.
When this program started, it was faced with skepticism and criticism about the idea and its course, as well as about the education minister, as if the topic is spur of the moment and not the result of studies, great efforts and courage in decision-making in order to improve our education ranking, the president added. 

President Sisi said proper planning, disclosure, frankness, correct diagnosis of problems, and courage in taking right decisions without paying attention to skeptics are the characteristics of the current stage.
I have committed myself to explaining any projects we intend to undertake, their objectives and their impact in a simple, understandable manner for all Egyptian citizens, the president said, noting that it has resulted in an increase in the Egyptians' awareness.
Meanwhile, Sisi said the number of universities established in the past 5-6 years is more than double the number of those constructed in 30-40 years, pointing out to the efforts exerted as regards universities building.
The president said Egypt’s population in 1803 had been 3 million living on 5-6 percent of Egypt’s lands, noting that the population is now 100 million who still lives on 7 percent of the country’s lands.
In this regard, he expressed hope that this area would increase via the State's plan to establish 20 new cities with the aim of accommodating the projected population increase.

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