21 October 2020 03:11 PM

Additional 14 coffins discovered in Saqqara Necropolis

Sunday، 20 September 2020 - 03:30 AM

The archaeological mission operating at Saqqara Necropolis has found additional 14 coloured wooden coffins inside the newly-discovered 11-meter well at the sacred animal necropolis, the Tourism and Antiquities Ministry announced on Saturday 19/9/2020.

The fresh discovery brings the total number to 27 coffins, it added in a statement.

The well had been closed for over two and a half millennia.

This is the largest of its kind discovery; in terms of the number of coffins unearthed, since the discovery of a similar a cache at Al-Asasif cemetery on Luxor’s west bank last year.

Many artifacts have also been discovered around the wooden coffin.

Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Mostafa Waziri said the mission would reveal the details soon, including the exact number of coffins, as well as the identity and posts of their occupants.


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