24 October 2020 01:10 PM

Irrigation Minister: This year's edition of CWW sheds light on water sector challenges

Sunday، 18 October 2020 - 02:24 PM

Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Abdel Aati has asserted that this year's edition of Cairo Water Week 2020 (CWW) sheds light on challenges facing water sector, noting that Egyptians had lived on the banks of Nile River and managed to maintain this vital resource to achieve development.

Addressing the inaugural session of CWW, the minister said the CWW's theme “Water Security in Arid Regions the Road to Dakar 2021" reflected the challenges besetting Egypt which is one of the most dry lands worldwide. Cairo is facing a big challenge in balancing between its needs and available resources as more than 97% of them come from outside its borders in addition to its inability to depend on underground water, he added.
With the increase of such challenges and the water shortages, Egypt is currently resorting to desalination of sea water, the minister said, adding that climate changes are also posing a threat to the Nile Delta with the rise of sea levels.
The minister also highlighted Egypt's efforts to reach a just agreement on building the Renaissance Dam in a way that keeps the interests of the three countries; Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.
Almost six million people are suffering shortage of sanitary drainage services, he said, adding that increase of drought is likely due to a shortage of underground water.
In this regard, the minister said that Egypt has outlined its vision and strategy for the management of water resources till 2050.
He said the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources is cooperating with 9 ministries to implement such national strategy with a cost that will not be less than dlrs 50 million.
Abdel Aati also noted that the state has launched a project for lining the canals with a cost of EGP 50 billion along with a strategy for adopting modern irrigation techniques with a value of EGP 80 billion


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