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Sisi attends graduation ceremony of new batches of military schools

Tuesday، 20 October 2020 - 03:28 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi attended Tuesday the graduation ceremony of new batches of military colleges and institutes.

A combat show was performed at the beginning of the ceremony and students conducted some exercises to reveal their physical aptitude as fighters.

The students also performed a number of self-defense exercises, including the basics of Karate and Kung Fu.

Senior students used military vehicles and tanks as part of the show to reveal their readiness to conduct assigned missions.

Elements from the reconnaissance unit, as well as groups from the chemical war and electronic war units were deployed around the platform.

Senior students set up the military vehicles and tanks for optimal operation in line with standard rates.

A confrontation with preset targets then took place, with fighter students engaging in a pseudo clash and completing the mission successfully.

The military troupe then performed, with the chorus singing national songs to the tunes.

Students of the Police Academy took part in the show through a queuing unit that performed in front of President Sisi.

The graduates and attendees then rendered the military salute for martyrs, while balloons rose in the air carrying their photos in appreciation of their sacrifices for the sake of the nation.

The chairman of the Armed Forces Training Authority then addressed the gathering.

He said that the defense minister endorsed results of the military schools giving:

- Students of batch 114 of the Military Academy the bachelor’s degree in military sciences.
- Students of batch 71 of the Naval Academy the bachelor’s degree in naval sciences.
- Students of batch 87 of the Aviation Academy the bachelor’s degree in aviation sciences.
- Students of batch 87 of the Air Force Academy the bachelor’s degree in military aviation sciences.
- Students of batch 57 of the Military Technical College the bachelor’s degree in engineering.
- Students of batch 48 of the Air Defense Academy the bachelor’s degree in military air defense sciences.
- Students of batch 2 of the Military Medical Academy the bachelor’s degree in medicine.
- Students of batch 49 of the Technical Institute for Military Forces a certified diploma of the institute.

He made it clear that success levels among students reached 100 percent.

Students then took the military oath.

Addressing the graduation ceremony of a new class of military colleges and institutes, the president said preparing military cadets is one of the most noble missions.

He thanked the parents and families of the military cadets who brought them up well and offered them as protectors of the homeland.

The president also thanked the graduates and asserted that the mission they have been prepared for is the most honorable one.

So long as Egypt's people are well aware and its army is strong, no one can attack the homeland, he stressed.

There is no perfect state, he said. However, raising the public opinion in a negate way through twisting facts and lies is what matters, he added.

He wished the graduates all success, safety and strength in the protection of Egypt.

MENA (Edited by SIS)

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