17 January 2021 08:14 AM

Egyptian, French FMs stress deep relations

Monday، 09 November 2020 - 12:35 PM

The French FM Le Drian said that the French embassies and consulates were asked to alert citizens to be cautious after the Prophet Mohamed cartoons' crisis.

The top French diplomat asserted that his country is determined to countering terrorism and extremism, while respecting the freedom of faith and belief, as well as the culture of peace.

Regarding the Libyan crisis, the Egyptian FM Sameh Shoukry stressed Egypt's firm stance on the importance of reaching consensus among Libyan parties to regain institutions and meet the Libyan people's aspirations.

The top Egyptian diplomat underlined the necessity of pulling out all mercenaries and terrorists brought from Syria, noting that foreign intervention further complicates the conflict in the North African country.

Egypt and France will continue their efforts to reach a Libyan-Libyan agreement leading to elections, Shoukry said.

Meanwhile, the French foreign minister explained that Paris and Cairo reject any attempts to divide Libya and call for finding a peaceful settlement to the conflict away from foreign intervention.

Asked about claims of arbitrary detentions in Egypt, Shoukry denied that any person is arbitrary detained, noting that detention is based on procedures regulated by law, while preserving all rights of the defendant.

Shoukry emphasized that Egypt has a competent and impartial judiciary system, which abides by laws and regulation on legal accountability. 

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