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Speech by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during the Joint Press Conference with Greek Prime Minister

Thursday، 12 November 2020 - 11:48 PM

Mr. Prime Minister of Greece,

At the outset, I would like to express my heartfelt pleasure to be here again in your friendly country. I would also like to sincerely extend my gratitude to my dear friend, the Prime Minister of Greece, for the cordial reception and generous hospitality. Furthermore, on my behalf and on behalf of the Egyptian government and people, I extend sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the Greek citizens affected by the recent earthquake that hit the Aegean islands, especially the Greek island of Samos. I would also like to assure Egypt's full solidarity and support for Greece to overcome repercussions of the earthquake.

We are all aware of the close bilateral ties linking our two peoples and friendly countries that extend through eras of shared history as well as unique cultural and societal interaction. These ties have entrenched a bilateral strategic relationship that has unprecedentedly been developed over the past few years by our political will and joint determination. This is achieved through both bilateral frameworks and the tripartite cooperation mechanism that brings the two countries together with the Republic of Cyprus. Additionally, this relationship is highlighted by the ongoing and systematic political consultation on various regional and, international issues.

My meeting today with the Prime Minister was an important opportunity to exchange views on the means of bringing about a qualitative leap in bilateral cooperation relations at various levels. This aims at pushing forward all aspects of economic cooperation, especially with regard to facilitating and encouraging the flow of Greek investments, developing trade exchange rates and intensifying cooperation in the tourism and energy sectors, with the importance of making use of the momentum resulting from the Eighth Summit of the Tripartite Cooperation Mechanism held in October 2020 to take executive steps in the agreed-upon projects.

Our consultations today tackled the developments in the eastern Mediterranean region as regards the recent escalation on the background of the provocations and the unilateral practices violating the rules of international law and the adoption of ideological policies that support terrorist and extremist groups. In this vein, we agreed on fostering solidarity with each other, alongside all our friendly countries, in order to face whatever threatens the regional stability and security, in a manner that prevents any party from imposing its hostile stances, and in a way that preserves the requirements of our national security on the one hand and allows the utilization of available natural resources on the other hand.

Accordingly, we assured that concluding a convention by Egypt and Greece to assign pure economic regions in accordance with the rules of international law and UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) represents a significant development that opens the door for benefiting from the Mediterranean various wealth. This, in addition to establishing Gas Forum that aims to maximizing the interests of the forum’s states related to stocks of natural gas and hydrocarbon wealth in the Middle East, besides that all states retain the sovereign rights of prospection in its pure economic regions in accordance with the rules of international law as well as welcoming collaboration with our international partners in this respect.

In a related context, we renewed our support for the principle of a comprehensive and just solution to the Cyprus issue based on the relevant Security Council resolutions. We also addressed the impact of the Libyan situation on the entire regional neighborhood, stressing that the comprehensiveness of a political solution in Libya remains the only way to achieve stability for this sister country. This needs a real treatment for the roots of the crisis through full commitment to the relevant United Nations resolutions and the conclusions of the Berlin process and the Cairo Declaration, especially with regard to preserving the Libyan territorial integrity, dismantling armed militias, reunifying state institutions and the need to decisively face the foreign interventions that destabilize it by transferring foreign terrorist fighters and weapons to the extremist  militias.

We have agreed on the urgent need to double the international effort to face the threat of terrorism, including confronting the countries that support it, and adopting policies and decisive actions to hold accountable the systems of states that violate the relevant Security Council resolutions by supporting these groups with financing, training and arming, and providing them with safe havens and media platforms to incite terrorism.

In this regard, we confirmed that terrorism is a global phenomenon that cannot be connected to any religion, civilization, or geographical region. We stressed the importance of upholding the values of moderation, and culture of tolerance in light of the need to respect beliefs. We also assured a complete rejection of directing any offenses or insults against the holy religious symbols or inflaming feelings through manifesting hatred and spreading the spirit of hostility and intolerance.

Finally, allow me, Your Excellency Prime Minister to pay tribute for your genuine interest to develop all aspects of cooperation and coordination between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the friendly Greek Republic. I wish you all our deepest sincere success in leading your friendly country and people towards lasting stability, and more prosperity and wealth.

 Thank You Your Excellency

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