28 January 2021 06:28 PM

Power linkage projects to turn Egypt into int'l hub: Electricity minister

Sunday، 22 November 2020 - 12:34 PM

Electricity Minister Mohamed Shaker said the power linkage projects are aimed at turning Egypt into a global energy hub through connecting the country with Africa and Europe.

Such projects will help lure foreign economic gains, he added during his participation in an international conference on renewable energy that was held at the Institute of National Planning on Saturday 21/11/2020.

Shaker noted that Egypt is effectively engaged in all regional power linkage projects, citing a project with Jordan at a capacity of 200 megawatt and another project with Libya at a capacity of 100 megawatt, adding that studies are underway for increasing their capacity.

Egypt is capable of establishing power linkage lines with African, European and Gulf countries with capacities amounting to 15,000-megawatt, Shaker said, adding that the national grid’s electricity capacity has hit 56,000-megawatt.

Trilateral power linkage with Jordan and Iraq will help stabilize the power systems in Iraq and serve a project for establishing a common Arab energy market, he said.

A power linkage project with Sudan has been finalized and the capacity of the linkage line is expected to increase to 250-megawatt, up from 70 megawatt within a year and a half only, he further said.


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