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Karnak Temple sees influx of tourists as travel to Egypt rebounds -- Official

Tuesday، 01 December 2020 - 11:32 AM

Director General of the Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor Dr Moustafa el Saghir said Tuesday Dec 1, that the Upper Egyptian city is witnessing an influx of tourists coming from Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic, believing this sends a clear message about security and stability in Egypt.

The visits started in October and are expected to last until March – a time of spike in international travel to Egypt, Saghir said in statements to MENA.

He was speaking on the fringe of a “Youth Train” initiative launched by the Sports Ministry.

Work is underway to extend the Avenue of Sphinxes between the Karnak Temple and Luxor, Saghir said, noting that it should be officially inaugurated in 2021.

It should serve as an open museum of the ancient Egyptian civilization, he noted.

He touched upon efforts to pave the road and equip it with light poles and guide signs, as well as a lounge for visitors. This, Saghir said, should allow for night visits to the road.

He added that investment projects will also be implemented to serve residents of Luxor and improve their economic and social conditions in a way that would help achieve comprehensive development in the city.

Saghir suggested conducting virtual visits to the Avenue of Sphinxes and other important tourist attractions in Luxor, noting this should contribute to an international marketing campaign on the website of the Tourism Ministry.

It would be a great idea given the circumstances as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, thus allowing tourists to visit the ancient sites from the luxury of their living rooms in their own countries, he explained.

Talking about the “Youth Train” initiative, Saghir said it sure helps educate young Egyptians about their ancient civilization in order to enhance their sense of belonging.

The youth are still on a trip to Luxor and Aswan as part of the initiative.


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