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Statement by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi Celebrating the National Police Day and the January25th Revolution

Tuesday، 26 January 2021 - 12:00 AM

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Members of the Police Authority, Ladies and Gentlemen, Today, we celebrate together the National Police Day which marks the anniversary of the glorious Battle of Ismailia in which heroism, sacrifice and courage of policemen defending the soil of the homeland were embodied. It was really an epic journey of struggle that will remain a witness on the nobility of heroism and steadfastness allover ages. Honorable Sons of Egypt, In our celebration today, we recall, from the rich homeland memory, values that our heroes had sacrificed their precious lives for. National pride is one of those most sublime values. We all remember the Police martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to raise high the banner of Egypt. The Battle of Ismailia in 1952 had painted an eternal picture where the police and the people have joined forces to resist the aggression, thus proved to the whole world that the Egyptians are at one against the brutal aggression. Hence, that day became a holiday to be celebrated by all Egyptians with all their different sects and cultural backgrounds every year. This national pride and deep civilization heritage are considered the impetus to the march of the homeland and its successive generations towards a better future and reality. The Great People of Egypt, While we remember the heroics of the policemen in the past, we pay our highest tribute, appreciation and respect to their heroics in the present. The overheating global and regional changes plague the homelands’ stability, and peoples’ destinies and security. Hence, this increases the dangers and viciousness of terrorism after it had become a tool that manages struggles and implements plots and conspiracies. Amidst these grave dangers and challenges, the stable situation of Egypt was an embodiment of the solid collective will of the state and its great people, and was the harvest of the sacrifices of its loyal sons of the policemen alongside their brave brothers in the armed forces who are aware of their responsibility towards their homeland to eliminate the scourge of terrorism. I say clearly: "It requires continued vigilance and effort from us all to besiege and encircle any desperate attempt to destabilize the security and stability of the homeland or prejudice the gains of the great Egyptian people." Ladies and Gentlemen, It is no secret to anyone that achieving what we aspire to in terms of progress and prosperity in all walks of life essentially requires a safe and stable environment and a stable ground. Today, we are fighting a battle that is as ferocious and important ... the battle of building in order to achieve comprehensive development and create a better future for the coming generations. Hence, we have resolved, pledged to Allah and made a pledge to you, to do what is in the interest of our country and our people without considering any other factor or interest. We have moved steadily - thanks to Allah the Almighty - and the awareness and support of the great Egyptian people from the stage of establishing the stability of the state and consolidating its foundations to that of building, reconstruction and development. And here we are now, seriously and diligently, completing the major development projects that we have started all over the country to change the Egyptian reality into what we aspire to in terms of comprehensive and sustainable development and reap the fruits of diligent work on the economic reform indicators that are steadily improving despite the repercussions of the "Corona" pandemic, which has caused grave and structural difficulties for most of the emerging economies worldwide. I reiterate what I always say: "This is the first step on the path of advancement and development to place our dear country in the position it deserves." Ladies and Gentlemen… The Loyal Sons of Egypt Today’s occasion also coincides with Egypt’s celebration of the 25th of January Revolution that was led by sincere youth who aspired for a better future and reality. In addition, I would like to say to the youth of Egypt: “your country needs your young arms and sincere efforts to complete the path of reform, construction and development, and to fulfill the hopes of all Egyptians for a bright future that provides all citizens equal opportunities in a decent life.” Ladies and Gentlemen, Loyal Policemen, The Great people of Egypt, On this national occasion preserved in history for the Egyptian police, I send a message of appreciation and gratitude to all the policemen who are watchful of Egypt’s national security on all sites all over the country. I send them a message as they continue their efforts, giving, and sacrifice to fulfill their great mission of preserving the security and stability of the homeland. I also send a greeting of loyalty and reverence to our righteous martyrs in the battles of the national struggle and in the epics of the security work, and I say to their children and families: “Egypt has never and will never forget you.” I send my greetings to the great Egyptian people who are aware of and maintain the value of security, safety and stability, and appreciate the police for their sincere efforts in serving this country. May God keep to us our dear Egypt so as to be always a peaceful and secured nation as well as a beacon for welfare, prosperity and development. Many happy returns of the day and our dear Egypt will be always and forever prosperous and developed. Long Live Egypt, Long Live Egypt… and May the Peace and Mercy of Allah by upon you all. Thank you

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