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SIS chairman: Coronavirus pandemic doubled Egypt's interest in Asia

Monday، 01 February 2021 - 01:39 PM

Chairman of the Egyptian State Information Service Diaa Rashwan asserted that the crisis of coronavirus pandemic and its successive waves that hit various world countries has given a rise to deep interest in the Asian countries from the economic and scientific aspects.


In his editorial published at SIS's periodical of "Asian Horizons", Rashwan noted that the impact of coronavirus pandemic was not restricted to the health and treatment repercussions, but it extended to the economic, political, cultural as well as demographic ones, adding that such impacts will extend for several years to come.


The interest in the Asian countries was certainly rising before the pandemic, but Covid-19 crisis helped in accelerating such interest to highlight the fact that Asia is the future continent, a matter which forced Egypt to double its interest in boosting ties with Asian states in the various fields in addition to its existing and permanent relations with Arabs, Africans and the western world.


The periodical reviewed the experience of China during the coronavirus pandemic, its successful management of the crisis, the influence of coronavirus on issues such as climate change and production of vaccines as well as the economy in some countries such as Pakistan, Philippines and Russia.


A galaxy of experts have participated in the file of the impact of coronavirus pandemic on Asia. They included Head of the Russian Culture Centers in Egypt Alexi Tephanian, Dr Mohamed Fayez Farahat, Dr Hisham Bashir, Mona Darwish among others.



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