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Tag el-Deen: Egypt overcomes third wave of corona peak

Friday، 04 June 2021 - 11:35 AM

Tag el-Deen: Egypt overcomes third wave of corona peak

 Dr. Muhammad Awad Tag el-Deen the President's Advisor for Health and Prevention stressed that Egypt is currently witnessing the beginning of overcoming the peak of the third wave of the infection of novel Corona virus. He pointed out that the State has efficiently and professionally managed the Corona crisis thanks to the support of Mr. President, as well as providing all the requirements to face the crisis, adhering to the precautionary measures, and the efforts and sacrifices of the "White Army", doctors and medical personnel.

In a press conference held Thursday afternoon, Tag el-Deen asserted that, at the present time, there is a high demand from citizens and institutions to have the vaccine, as a result of the role played by media to increase the citizens' awareness, as well as the provision of large quantities of vaccines.

Regarding black fungus epidemic, Tag el-Deen confirmed that it was an old disease, but an increase in cases affected with Corona was observed. Total number of cases worldwide reached (101), of which (82) cases registered in India, as it affects mainly diabetics, particularly males.

The decline of the third wave of Covid-19

The epidemiological situation of the novel corona virus (Covid-19) in Egypt until 3/6/2021

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din said that the country is now past the peak of the third wave, as the last week has witnessed a decrease in the total numbers of infections, in addition to decrease in cases that need hospitalization, and also a decrease in the number of cases that need intensive care and artificial respiration. This requires monitoring, following up, and taking all preventive measures to limit the spread of the disease and its impact. Accordingly the state continues to take many preventive and precautionary measures at the level of society, institutions and individuals.

In this respect, the President mentioned that the state managed the crisis with all professionalism, knowledge and experience, and our white army performed a wonderful scourge facing great sacrifices on behalf of the medical staff, which include (deaths - infections - continuous work - outstanding performance - deep cumulative experience - institutions that supported, qualified and equipped with everything possible).

This could not have been done without full, unlimited support, and careful follow-up with all the details of the pandemic, including diagnostic, therapeutic, and pharmacological process, besides devices, equipment, supplies, medicines, available beds, care beds, respirators, and the oxygen system with all its components (gas - liquid - cylinders - concentrators - oxygen generating units). This is in addition to unlimited financial support for all stage requirements, overcoming all administrative or bureaucratic obstacles, and urgent assignments to equip university cities and other centers and field hospitals, in addition to instructions and directives to provide a continuous strategic reserve and to replace the used equipment  Artificial respiration, intensive care equipment, oxygen generators, medical supplies, as well as the main and vital medicines that are used to treat emergency and urgent cases, and which are used to treat the repercussions of infection with the Coronavirus.

 2.5 million Citizens received the vaccine:

Regarding the state's vaccine plan, Dr. Tag el-Deen said that this time witnessed a collective, institutional and individual demand for vaccines as a result of media role to increase the citizens' awareness and the announcement of the availability of increasing quantities of the vaccines. He pointed out that the state has exerted constant efforts to provide Coronavirus vaccines and to vary the sources of getting them to help protect citizens from the dangers of this pandemic. Egypt seeks to obtain vaccines from various sources to ensure providing the vaccines for the largest number of citizens. Under an agreement with one of the Chinese companies, VACSERA will manufacture some vaccines, which increases Egypt's ability to provide more vaccines and to localize the techniques of manufacturing these vaccines in Egypt. Moreover, Egypt seeks to provide vaccines against Corona for about 40% of the population in 2021. Up till now, vaccines have been provided for 2.5 million citizens from priority groups such as medical personnel, the elderly, chronic disease patients, such as heart and chest diseases, tumors, users of immunology drugs and then other groups.

Black fungus:

Regarding what is called "black fungus", which has infected some cases that had post-Covid syndrome in India and other countries, the President's Advisor for Health and Prevention said: "An increase in cases of mucormycosis has already been detected in the patients of Covid-19. This fungus is not a new one. So far, the number of cases detected worldwide reached 101 cases, of which 82 cases were in India. It appeared that in 80% of the cases diabetes was the common factor as a disease associated with Corona. In addition to that, 76.3% of the cases were treated with cortisone compounds, that are among the most vital drugs in many cases. Besides, the percentage of the spread of this fungus are more in males at a percentage of 78.9%, and nose and eye infections in 56.7% of the cases. Mortality rate in these cases was 30.7%. This type of fungi has been described since 1885 and it was called the current name, mucormycosis, in 1957. Thus, it is not a new fungus and that there are some drugs that are used for treatment.

The number of cases detected and confirmed so far is as follows:

 India 82, The United States 9, Iran 3, in addition to one case only in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico and Austria.

Advanced pharmaceutical industries:

On the other hand, Dr. Tag El-Deen stressed the state's interest in developing advanced pharmaceutical industries, which depend on biotechnology, including oncology drugs, as well as the localization of active pharmaceutical compounds for the inputs of medicine. Moreover, the "Medicine City" has been considered a leading national institution in this field, along with supporting and developing Egyptian public and private institutions, which have the capabilities of manufacturing and localizing vaccines.

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