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Egypt calls foraddressing water scarcity problems to achieve sustainable development

Wednesday، 16 June 2021 - 04:37 AM
Egypt calls foraddressing water scarcity problems to achieve sustainable development

PermanentRepresentative of Egypt to the United Nations in New York Mohamed Idriss saidthat during a high-level dialogue at the United Nations on desertification,land degradation and drought, Egypt shed light on its efforts to address allthese environmental challenges.


According to a press release by him posted by the Foreign Ministry on its Facebook page, Egyptstressed at the event the importance of dealing with water scarcity problems and enhancing international land conservation efforts to achieve sustainabledevelopment.


He pointed outthat holding the high-level dialogue comes within the framework of constant UNefforts to preserve the environment and address major challenges, such as landdegradation and drought, facing the world, especially developing countries.


The internationaldialogue, which was held virtually, highlights the harmful impacts of the three natural phenomena and stresses the need for mobilizing international efforts tosupport developing countries in facing up to them as well as dealing with the negative effects of climate change.


According to the UN land is the foundation of our societies and productive land is a cornerstone to global food security and environmental health, zero hunger,poverty eradication, and energy for all. It underpins the success of the entire2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. And yet this finite resource is underexistential threat.


Globally, onefifth of Earth’s land area – more than 2 billion hectares – is degraded,including more than half of all agricultural land. Each year, more than 12million hectares of land are lost to desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD).


Theinternational organization said that approximately 95% of our calories fromfood come from soil, yet topsoil erosion has accelerated by tenfold due tohuman activity. It warned that the world loses 24 billion tons of fertile soil annually due to dryland degradation, with significant negative impacts on food production and economic activity.


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