01 October 2022 01:11 AM

Statement by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi during the First Conference of the National Project “Hayah Karima”

Friday، 16 July 2021 - 09:28 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Great Egyptian People,

The Honorable People of Egypt,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

          Today, I speak to you in a moment when I feel a combination of happiness and pride; feeling happy for being here amongst representatives of all Egyptian people categories and proud of what we have realized together of successive victories and great achievements that have been accomplished by Egyptians’ hands and righteous martyrs’ blood.

          I find myself proud of what have been achieved by the Egyptians when their calls had been intensified in Egypt’s squares, streets and villages expressing their will to restore Egypt back from those who wanted to violate its holiness and steal its identity, driven by wrong concepts and extremist ideologies. 

          Furthermore, I find myself together with the Egyptian Army, honored by being its leader during those difficult moments of the homeland’s history, having absolute bias to the will of this great people.

          As much as the challenges and difficulties that we had encountered as a result of our decision, people and state, to restore Egypt back from a group of aggressors and misled trafficking in the homeland and the religion, as much as the determination to undertake the challenge and achieve the decisive victory in the battles of survival and building.

          When I answered your calls, I had had absolute confidence in the Egyptians’ capabilities and an undoubted belief in victory. My supplement in this work journey heading the homeland’s rescue team was impartiality and faith. I feared no one but Allah, I had no goal but the homeland and I had not sought but by work.

          My belief was honest and my trust was in its place as this brave people had proved that genius is deep-rooted in their characters. The Egyptian personality had been inspired by its long history, strength and civilized roots and started to prove to the whole world its ability to reach glory.

It did not fear to solve its challenges; it was not despaired by media that seeks to discourage it and was not deterred from achieving its goals by vicious terrorism. The challenges were great, yet were never greater than our will to confront them and cross by the homeland over into future horizons.

We have encountered a tidal surge of terrorism that spilled the blood of our sons from the great Egyptian army and the valiant police. We stormed into economic problems and crises accumulated over decades with an economic reform program whose hero was the Egyptian citizen. He bore its direct implications on his daily life, understanding the importance of these measures to ensure a better future for generations to come. We also cooperate together to rebuild and establish our national constitutional institutions and legislative chambers representing the Egyptian people. In parallel, it was a race against time to build and maximize capabilities and assets of the future Egypt. The major national projects have become a symbol expressing the Egyptian will to build their own country. We seek to raise the standard of living for more than “four thousand” villages, through establishing new cities accommodating all Egyptians across the country, offering social housing providing adequate housing for youth, developing dangerous and unsafe regions, eliminating slums, comprehensive repairing of the national road network, increasing the agricultural land, and –today- launching our greatest national project “Hayah Karima (decent life)” to develop the Egyptian countryside. This has been done, aiming at achieving sustainable development and improving the quality of life for about 58 million citizens over the next three years, with a minimum budget of about EGP 700 billion.

Today, as I announce the launch of this ambitious project to implement it, with Allah’s Support and with my confidence in the capabilities of all Egyptians; state and people, I consider this an inauguration of the new republic. It is the Egyptian republic that is firmly established on the concept of a modern civil democratic state, that possesses comprehensive military, economic, political and social capabilities, and that raises the concept of citizenship and acceptance of the other. It is the republic that seeks to achieve peace, stability and development, and that aspires to a political development achieving vitality for the Egyptian society based on the consolidation of the concepts of social justice, dignity and humanity.

Furthermore, it also seeks to shape the Egyptian person in an integrated, healthy, mental and cultural structure, having confidence that the Egyptian person is the treasure of this country and the icon of victory and glory. Resilient, modern, civil and democratic Egypt is appropriately suitable for the Egyptians, expresses their will, suits their aspirations, and represents their sacrifices.

Great Egyptian People,

I renew my covenant and give you my genuine promise that our new republic is going to born from the womb of your great June 30 Revolution. We are determined to move forward towards further work and construction, possessing comprehensive capacity, and pursuing to achieve economic and political development. Moreover, we support more common spaces among the people of the country, providing all means for our youth to achieve a worthy future in their great country.

I would also like to express my utmost gratitude to the great Egyptian people for all their efforts and sacrifices to live today safe and secure in pursuit of construction and development.

I thank the men of the Egyptian army for their sacrifices to preserve the dignity and protect the capabilities of the homeland. I also pay tribute to the brave Egyptian policemen for their role etched in golden letters in facing the black terrorism. I thank every worker who built glory to Egypt, every farmer who planted hope, every scientist who generate light. Moreover, I send special greetings to the great Egyptian woman who has always been at the forefront of the national march and the challenge.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

August Gathering,

Egypt manages its external relations regionally and internationally with firm and stable principles based on mutual respect, delinquency for peace and upholding the rules of the international law. Egypt also has acquired political tools, military and economic power that enhances the enforcement of our will and the protection of our capabilities.

In order to achieve peace and security at the regional and international levels, Egypt adopted a methodology based on the exercise of the utmost wisdom and rational use of power without prejudice to the circles of the Egyptian national security on both the short and long terms.

Honestly, I assure you that Egypt’s national security is a red line that cannot be surpassed, regardless of who approves or objects. Practicing wisdom and delinquency for peace do not mean in any way to compromise the destiny of this homeland that we will not allow anyone to approach. In order to preserve it, we have several options that we will decide according to the situation and circumstances.                   

Egyptian People,

Brothers and Sisters,

I reiterate every now and then my promise and pledge to you that I will remain a son of this country working for it, free from whims, loyal to your will, confident in your abilities, believing in your strength and praying to Allah for success and all the best.

As I have cordially told you before: “Dreams are imprescriptible”, today, I assure you: “Believing in the dream forms the present and the future”.

I have a great dream for my nation like yours and an unrelenting will to achieve it just like you. Hence, let us be dedicated to our dreams for Egypt and always pay unsustainable efforts for its sake.

Long live Egypt... long live Egypt... Long live Egypt

May Allah’s Peace and Mercy Be upon You

Thank you

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