21 September 2021 06:39 PM

Sisi urges Egyptians to follow healthy diet for sake of their children's health

Tuesday، 03 August 2021 - 03:29 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi urged Egyptians to follow a healthy diet for the sake of their children's health.

Children who enjoy sports and exercise tend to stay active throughout their lives, Sisi added commenting on Minister of Education Tareq Shawqy's address during the inauguration of the Food Industrial City (Silo Foods) in Sadat city in Menoufia Governorate on Tuesday.

The president warned against dangers of obesity on children, given the fact that four million children suffer from it nationwide.

He confirmed citizens should always measure the weight of their children and follow up their diet.

Sisi said workers of factories have to take into account their weight.

"Talking about this matter is not embarrassing, but it must become a culture in the society," added Sisi.

Shifting to the problem of overpopulation, Sisi wondered "Are we in need of more children or a number that we can take care of?"

"Or in other words, Are we in need of a large number of children living in difficult conditions or a suitable number that enjoys a high quality of life?"

Sisi alerted there are 8 million children, who suffer from "anemia", which means they do not follow a good healthy diet.

He referred to the "dwarfism" disorder that was highlighted by Shawqy in his address, when a person is short in stature because of their genes or a medical reason.

Speaking about violations on agricultural lands, Sisi said the problem has to do with population growth, upping the demand on houses.

A culture is spreading in the countryside, where people opt to live with their children, forcing them to build many floors in houses or on agricultural lands.

Sisi wondered "Shall we go ahead with the population growth in this way or no?" He warned the matter is "very dangerous."

Human population growth increased by around 20 million between 2010 and 2011 and until now, he mentioned.

Sisi linked the overpopulation with price hikes to cover the increasing demand of the burgeoning population.

He said that people should ask themselves if there is a marked increase in agricultural lands to meet the needs of the 20 million persons added to the population. This is an important question, which must be highlighted as it has to do with the future of Egypt and coming generations, he said.

Sisi said the increasing rates in population growth will devour the fruits of any achievements.

Sisi pointed out to the role of the family, in addition to the government as far as the overpopulation issue is concerned.

Sisi said he is talking about this matter in order to alert people to the dangers it is posing to the nation.

The president said the state is paying a great attention to providing much needed daily healthy school meals to children.

'Silo Foods', the mega food industries complex, in Menoufia Governorate, will provide schools meals for around 13 million students nationwide, according to official estimates.


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