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President El-Sisi Inaugurates “Silo Foods”

Wednesday، 04 August 2021 - 03:57 AM
President El-Sisi Inaugurates “Silo Foods”

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Tuesday 3/8/2021 inaugurated “Silo Foods”, a city for food industries in Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production General Mohamed Zaki, along with several ministers and senior state officials attended the opening ceremony.

The President watched a documentary film entitled “Tomorrow is Better” about “Silo Foods”, which includes 10 different factories designed in accordance with the highest international and technological standards.

The President stressed that the State is keen to conduct medical examination on school students, a highly important issue.

Additionally, the President highlighted the need to provide health care for school students and to ensure that families are monitoring the state of health of our children through promoting healthy food access for children and engaging them in appropriate sports activities.

The President stressed the need to promote family planning in Egypt, a major challenge manifested in the increased population growth, thus resulting in many problems, including urban encroachment on agricultural lands.

Since 2011, the population has reached about 20 million; as a result, prices soared to meet people’s demand.

The President added that population growth is a major challenge to all the State's efforts in all fields.

With regard to school feeding, the President stressed the need to allocate 8 billion Egyptian Pounds. The President directed the government to provide that amount by deducting from the budget of each ministry.

The President indicated that the aim of opening new factories is to provide products and achieve a balance in terms of prices during crises.

The President stressed the need to maintain discipline in our lives and achieve balance in every aspect to serve the interests of citizens.

Furthermore, President El-Sisi stressed the need to raise health awareness among girls wishing to have children through initiatives, media campaigns, dramas and films.

It was stressed that it is important for girls to undergo medical examination to make sure that their bodies are ready for pregnancy.

These practices should be ingrained in our culture and awareness must be raised in this regard so that people would maintain good health and would not face health risks.

The President added that the State is keen to take care of the public health of Egyptians of all ages.

The President called for intensifying vaccination campaigns during the coming period, especially for school and university staff before the start of the academic year.

His Excellency also called for providing the vaccine for a large proportion of the Egyptian people.

In this regard, the President stressed the importance of observing the precautionary measures during the coming period.

The President thanked the Armed Forces, the National Service Projects Organization (NSPO), and those behind this great project. He also thanked Major General Mostafa Amin, the former Director General of NSPO, for his great efforts, wishing him good health.

The President made an inspection tour marking the inauguration of the project and listened to an explanation of the project's stages of work.

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