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President Sisi Participates in Baghdad Cooperation and Partnership Conference

Sunday، 29 August 2021 - 03:26 AM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi arrived Iraq on Saturday 28/8/2021 to attend Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership that will be held later.

President Sisi's participation in the conference comes within the framework of Egypt's keenness on supporting Iraq for restoring its active and balanced role at the regional level and also for guaranteeing its security and stability.

Meetings of Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership kicked off Saturday in the presence of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi along with the leaders and representatives of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, France, Turkey and Iran.

Representatives for the Arab League (AL), the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are also participating in the conference.

Taking part in the event are also the representatives for the permanent members of the UN Security Council and the European Union (EU) as well as the G20.

The conference is aimed to mobilize regional and international support for Iraq, enhance its stability and prosperity and back the constant efforts it exerts to combat the enormous challenges facing it at the security and economic levels.

The attendees are set to discuss means of reducing tensions and crises facing the region as well as supporting the path of a constructive dialogue among all the participating countries to help create a suitable condition for engaging in economic partnership, cooperation and integration that would benefit the peoples of the region.

The current Iraqi government exerts tireless efforts to enhance the country’s sovereignty and improve its security and economic conditions, working effectively to help achieve regional stability and cooperation with the region’s countries.

Address by President El-Sisi during Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership

My brother, Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa al-Kadhimi,

Prime Minister of the brotherly Republic of Iraq,

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses, Kings, Presidents and Princes of Brotherly and Friendly Countries,

It is great honor to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Iraqi Prime Minister / Mustafa al-Kadhimi for his initiative to call for this important conference. It also gives me great pleasure to be here again in Iraq, Mesopotamia, one of the fortresses of Arabism and the centers of civilization in the Arab and Islamic worlds; the matter which embodies the unprecedented level of partnership with our Iraqi brothers, along with the sincere desire to launch a new phase of constructive cooperation. This should be done through effective and multiple mechanisms whether on the bilateral or the tripartite levels of the Egyptian-Iraqi-Jordanian relations , or within a broader regional framework; thus enabling us to move forward towards broader horizons of partnership and cooperation in a way that meets the aspirations and interests of our peoples, based on strong and extended relationships and ties and on solid principles that we should not deviate from so as to achieve our mutual interests and maintain the security and stability of the entire region.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

Over the past years, Iraq, along with other Arab countries and peoples, has faced the very negative effects of terrorism and wars that have brought suffering to a brotherly people, and have repercussions on the neighboring peoples, in a context that has witnessed various external interventions. This came at a time when our world is facing challenges of a global nature that concern the peoples of all mankind, and where the international, ethnic or sectarian conflicts in our Arab region are less dangerous.

When we see the horrors that the Corona virus or the climate change inflict on the world and the threats they may pose on the future generations, then we must unite against what threatens the future of our youth by adopting real development policies that preserve our planet and our environment.

People of the world around us have closely considered such international challenges and strive to find science-based solutions for them. It is correct in this context to have our own clear contribution in the humanity’s advance towards enhancing its abilities to face reality which we, in Egypt, believe it is the only way out. And I see that the brotherly Iraqis have the same resolve that encourage us to join forces with them to achieve the noble objectives and inclusive humanitarian aspirations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Egypt highly appreciates the important achievements accomplished in Iraq during the past period under the leadership of Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi. Those achievements allowed the State’s institutions to succeed in dealing perfectly with great challenges that faced the Iraqi people. The army and security agencies were able to defeat terrorism, eliminate the dark project of ISIS in the region and preserve Iraq’s unity, security and national fabric.

Tackling what have been realized of achievements cannot be completed without mentioning the efforts of achieving economic reform on all levels and in different sectors. The matter that reflects the Iraqi government’s determination to pave the way for a quantum leap that we sense its approach through our following up to the tireless efforts exerted for the careful and meticulous preparation for it. Furthermore, we hope Iraq, yet we have full confidence in its success, will fulfill the upcoming elections in a way that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people to move forward with fixed steps into the future that it deserves.

In this regard, Egypt continues to backup and support the Iraqi government in all its efforts aimed at achieving stability in Iraq, restoring its historical position, its active Arab and regional role and consolidating its position in the Arab world.

Believing on our part, in the inevitability of cooperation and solidarity between brothers and its multiple benefits, the tripartite cooperation mechanism between Egypt, Iraq and Jordan came to translate the political will of the three countries to a tangible reality in terms of strengthening the concept of joint Arab action and maximizing the intertwining between the interests of our peoples. This is through practical and studied paths of cooperation where the Iraqi citizen feels as well as his Jordanian and Egyptian brothers. And we hope that this will expand when the appropriate conditions are available to all the Arab peoples and the peoples of the region.

On this occasion, I reiterate our determination to move forward with perseverance towards the implementation of the joint projects that are being studied within the framework of the mechanism. This is in order to achieve the aspired development of our countries.

Your Majesties, Excellences, and Highnesses

Egypt stands behind and supports the efforts of the Iraqi government towards strengthening the national state and its institutions so that it can carry out its tasks in maintaining security and stability of Iraq and protecting the capabilities of its people and its territorial integrity. Moreover, Egypt refuses all foreign interference in Iraq affairs and illegal attacks on its lands. Egypt calls all powers for respecting the sovereignty of this ancient country and the choices of its people. Everyone has an interest in Iraq playing the role entrusted to it at the Arab and regional levels.    

Hence, our meeting today comes to renew support and commitment to the established undisputed principles in international relations, which are good neighborliness, non-aggression, mutual respect for the sovereignty of states, unconditional refraining from interfering in their internal affairs, and stopping the policy of imposing a fait accompli using military or physical force, as well as not providing safe havens or any form of support for terrorist and extremist groups or transferring their members from one country to another.

This meeting represents an opportunity that should be built upon to exchange views, consult, and explore the prospects for coordination between us in light of the successive international and regional developments. This requires constructive cooperation to confront today's crises from the perspective of the reality we live in, and not following illegal aspirations that clash with the rules of international law and do not respect the will, the political choices of peoples and their right to self-determination

Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

In concluding my speech, I cannot but renew my thanks to Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi for holding this conference. I would also like to send a message to the brotherly Iraqi people. I say that the people who own this civilization and this honorable history have undoubtedly a promising future thanks to their sons and their hope and motivation towards achieving a better tomorrow. I assure you that you have brothers in Egypt who are keen on your renaissance, willing to transfer their experience and expertise in different fields, believing in the unity of destiny and goal to walk together on the path towards the future that is lit by our will and confidence in our solid ability to overcome any difficulties.

Thank You

Concluding statement

The concluding statement of the Baghdad Cooperation and Partnership summit has stressed the importance of unifying the regional and international efforts to achieve the region's stability and security.

The leaders who participated in the conference agreed on supporting Iraq and discussing the common issues and challenges.

They thanked Iraq for its efforts to host the conference, expressing their solidarity with the Iraqi people and government.

They agreed that the region faces common challenges that require joint cooperation in line with the principles of good neighborliness, non-interference in the internal affairs of states, and respect for national sovereignty.

The attendees affirmed the importance of supporting the Iraqi government in reconstruction efforts, offering services, and enhancing the private sector's role.

They also asserted the necessity of cooperation to counter the coronavirus pandemic by sharing successful experience.

Iraq valued the coordination role played by France during the conference as well as the wide participation of the friendly countries and regional and international organizations.

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