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International Media: "Medicine City" is an advanced global center

Tuesday، 26 October 2021 - 11:25 PM

A number of news agencies and international media have praised the modern technological, human and industrial capabilities used in the Medicine City "Gypto Pharma", which is described as an advanced regional-global center and the largest edifice for the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East, which was inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi last April .

These comments appeared in articles and press and television reports in a number of mass media around the world, following a tour organized by the State Information Service (SIS)for correspondents of news agencies and foreign media in the Medicine City "Gypto Pharma" on Sunday 24/10/2021.

Journalist  Diaa Rashwan, SIS chairman, stated that, in an implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to allow the media, including foreign media, to have direct and field information of the production and industrial edifices and major projects that are being implemented across the country. In response to the requests of many media correspondents,  SIS organized a tour that gathered about (53) directors of news agencies offices and correspondents of television stations, newspapers and major international news sites, to visit the factories of the Medicine City “Gypto Pharma” and to hold meetings with its officials.

The tour program began by showing a documentary film on the city, which is considered a national project of the most important projects implemented by Egypt in the last phase in all industrial and technological fields, up to this vital and important field, which has occupied the forefront of the global goals because of the Corona pandemic.

In a speech after the documentary film, Dr. Amr Mamdouh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gypto  Pharma, stressed that this great edifice was President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's vision that was realized to enable the citizen to obtain safe and effective medicine of the highest quality.

Dr. Mamdouh explained that this largest pharmaceutical edifice in the Middle East aims to achieve five strategies, namely;  to make medicine available to the Egyptian citizen, achieve the national security of the state by overcoming any crises that may occur in the future,  be a regional center for cooperation with international companies as a joint cooperation or a joint investment, export to Africa  and then to Europe as a second stage, and finally enable the state to get non-existent industries such as vaccines, hormonal medicines and cancer medicines, which will be Egypt’s first step to localize these medicines that used to be imported from abroad.

He pointed out that the main objective of the Medicine City is the patient's interest. In this context, work is underway to cooperate with international companies.

He pointed out that the Medicine City is built on an area of 180,000 square meters, with a production capacity of 300 million units annually. It includes two factories, i.e. the first pharmaceutical factory, which includes 10 production areas as a group of mini-factories, and the second pharmaceutical factory that includes 5 areas.

He said that the project is being implemented entirely by machines that are considered the most modern in the world, with qualified technical workers and standard operating procedures.

He explained that the Medicine City would soon use a specialized company to obtain European accreditation, which qualifies it to export to Europe.

Regarding the human cadres in the City, he said that they are 400 persons, where it relies on high technology, as all stages of the drug manufacturing process pass without human involvement.

He stressed that the Medicine City is a part of the renaissance that Egypt is witnessing at this stage. He added that exportation has a strategic plan, which begins with circulation in the country of origin and then the process of exportation comes after registering the drug in the target countries.

During a tour in the factory and laboratories inside the City, the stages of the drug manufacturing process and the accompanying high-quality technical stages were reviewed.

The director of the factory, Dr. Alia Al-Mistakawi, accompanied the delegation on a tour to follow up the stages of the manufacturing process, starting with solid preparations and ending with liquid preparations, and the stages of processing each substance.

In the laboratories department, a team of personnel in charge of the various departments showed the correspondents the stages of work inside the laboratory and the testing processes that are carried out for pharmaceutical products from the first stage to the last one, which  relates  to testing the effectiveness for the period during which the medicine  is consumed and the measure and the drug effectiveness compared with the foreign product.

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