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The 2021 International Anti-Corruption Day

Monday، 06 December 2021 - 12:00 AM

On December 9 of each year, the world celebrates the International Anti-Corruption Day, which represents an important occasion to affirm the rejection of this crime in all its forms at all levels. Corruption affects all societies and economies, especially developing countries as it prevents them from achieving their sustainable development.

In conjunction with this event, the Administrative Control Authority is organizing a celebration on December 9 with the participation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports at Cairo Stadium and with the participation of a group of distinguished and scientifically distinguished university students, a group of sports stars, art stars and important figures.

The main celebration will be held on December 9 at the headquarters of the National Anti-Corruption Academy affiliated to the Administrative Control Authority, in the presence of Major General Staff Hassan Abdelshafy Ahmad Abdelghany, Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA), besides vice-chairman of ACA, a number of ministers and heads of relevant authorities, some Arab political and diplomatic figures, heads of press institutions, and public figures.

The celebration will witness the holding of a cultural seminar in addition to the speeches of the Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) and some of the attendees.

The 2021 International Anti-Corruption Day seeks to highlight the rights and responsibilities of everyone - including States, Government officials, civil servants, law enforcement officers, media representatives, the private sector, civil society, academia, the public and youth - in tackling corruption.

Egypt has reaffirmed its commitment to combating corruption at all levels, in line with its national laws and anti-corruption strategy. The government, also, affirmed the country’s commitment to its international commitments, foremost of which is the United Nations (UN) Convention against Corruption.

Based on its interest in strengthening international cooperation to combat transnational organized crime, Egypt is currently President of the Tenth Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

Its presidency, which began in October 2020, will last for two years. Egypt will also chair the Ninth Conference for states party to the UN Convention against Corruption, to be hosted in Egypt from 13 to 17 December 2021.

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