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Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

Alexandria, the Mediterranean’s bride, witnesses important celebration on the the 5 years anniversary on establishing the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), reviving the genuine historical value of the greatest library of its age. 

The ancient library was ordered to be established by Ptolemy II in the beginning of the 3rd century. It contained 700.000 volumes, but the library was burnt and completely destroyed during the siege of Julius Caesar to Alexandria, and it was re-inaugurated 5 years ago.

And here again at the same place, the beacon of enlightenment is located on the Mediterranean’s shore to restore its historical role. President Mubarak made a speech on this exceptional occasion, reiterating his interest and support for the enlightenment movement, learning and knowledge as well as men of culture. Besides, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak will witness the international celebration as a patron of the (BA’s) revival, building and inaugurating, and she will make a speech today on woman’s role in peace.

I had the honor to attend the revival steps in the previous years till they became an actual reality. And in his speech yesterday in the inauguration of "Women in Science" conference which synchronizes with the BA celebrations, Dr. Ismail Serag Eddin said: "There is a discrimination against woman in the scientific fields although the woman is trained in the scientific positions, and became a head of many universities in the US and Europe." And I agree with him in opinion and ask to change the discrimination against woman in the scientific fields.

I was keen on following the conference activities which I hope to be effective in pushing woman’s movement towards scientific positions. I demand the BA carry out two issues:

First: More support for the Egyptian enlightenment movement.
Second: Duplicating the interest of the woman’s cultural and scientific role as a key and a main base of progress, because if the woman is enlightened and learnt, all the conditions of family and society will be improved and progressed.

Mona Ragab
Al Ahram


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