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Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

• The BA is deemed a treasury of masterpieces of literature, culture, information and researches for Egyptians and the world at large. For Alexandria has a brilliant history and it is the crossroad of the East and the West. The BA has its Egyptian, Arab and Islamic treasures of the first stages of civilizations recorded in the papyrus.

El-Sayed Mohamed Khatemi
Former President of Iran

• The BA is Egypt’s gift to mankind civilization that taught us the talent of belongingness to this civilization. The BA, as it raised high the banners of knowledge, and torches of culture and civilization of the ancient world, has restored its unique civilizational role as an institution that renders knowledge and information available to all.

That the BA concentrates on digital projects it is categorized at world libraries level, for the digital library is now considered the library of the future. And as the BA was a symbol of the Hellenic civilization, it has become today the 21st century library in its informative and digital type of field.

Prince Hasan bin Telal
Chairman of the Arab Intellect Forum

• The BA is Egypt’s gift and its restored role represents a unique success to all Egyptians. The BA has a unique position on the world map as one of the most important world libraries. It is a cultural touristic destination for its unique features of architectural beauty and its position on the beautiful Alexandria beach which made it a world cultural touristic target to visit.

Professor Fredrico Mayor
Chairman of the UN Civilization Alliance Committee

• The BA has succeeded to become a centre for knowledge, tolerance, dialogue and understanding. It is the world’s window to Egypt and Egypt’s window to the world. This is due to million of the books it embraces, the exploration halls and its permanent and seasonal exhibits hat all pour into the enrichment of mankind knowledge.

Dr. Al-Mongi Bousnina
The ALECSO director

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